Girl Bands: Le Tigre

In a world where you can watch pretty much anything you like on your iPad, through a variety of apps, I must admit that I definitely opt for Documentaries on BBC4 over most of the programmes over on Netflix.  In fact, I check if new music documentaries have been uploaded to iPlayer on an almost daily basis. The other week there was a brilliant series named ‘Music for Misfits’ which was all about the Indie music movement, which inspired my mental wanderlust to be a teen in the late 70’s/early 80’s even more than usual. Whether the documentary is about Joy Division, Kraftwerk or Northern Soul, I always take great pleasure in immersing myself in cultures and scenes gone by through the wonder of these music documentaries I keep stumbling upon. I’ve just finished watching ‘Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock n’ Roll Front Line’, which featured the stories of quite a few females who were both in mixed sex bands and all female line ups. With the over hanging question throughout all of their stories being ‘what’s it like to be a girl in a band?’ I think it just inspired me more to start a new little feature on my blog about my favourite bands, which all happen to include some pretty sassy females throughout – If you’ve read my blog/tweets at any time I talk about music, it’ll come as no surprise that this first one is all about Le Tigre. 

Girl Bands: Le Tigre

Le Tigre are technically classed as an ‘Electroclash’ band, fronted by the queen of punk rock feminism, Kathleen Hanna. Formally of Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna is one of my all time favourite females. After watching documentary film all about her called The Punk Singer and realising she was married to a god damn Beastie Boy, my love for her has grown even more strong. Not only is Kathleen Hanna absolutely kick ass, but she also inspired Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ when she was hanging around with Kurt Cobain one day and spray painted on to a wall ‘Kurt smells like teen spirit’ – I mean, when it comes to punk rock credentials, this woman has a freakin’ first class degree in being just… cool.

Although Le Tigre and their music may not to be to everyone’s taste, you cannot deny that what Kathleen Hanna stands for is admirable and she definitely acts as a role model for young women everywhere. I remember the first time I heard Le Tigre was back in 2001 when Elena (from the blog ‘Frivolous Mrs D’) made me a mix CD and posted it to me, after numerous conversations in an AOL chat room – We really were internet pioneers! As soon as ‘Rebel Girl’ started playing, I knew it was my jammmmm.

”When she talks I hear the revolution, in her hiiiiiips there’s a revolution”

If you’ve never listened to Le Tigre, then head over to Spotify and give them a whirl. They may be a little shouty for some, but for others you might just discover your new favourite girl band…..