Christmas Time Traditions

Being 30 now, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had my good share of Christmas Day’s in my time. From being a little kid living at home, to now living solo with the cat, it is a little bit concerning that I’m a fully functioning adult but can still look forward to THE BIG DAY. I must admit, for a few years I really wasn’t bothered about Christmas at all. I worked a number of years in retail, which as anybody working in retail will tell you, provides you with a distinct lack of festive social life and a distinct hatred of Christmas songs. Luckily I escaped retail hell a few years ago and went through a few cushty office jobs where we went on lock down during the festive period, but now I’m marketing in e-commerce – which NEVER SLEEPS. I’ve managed to rope myself in to not only Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but I’m also on email cover for Christmas Day, fun huh? It’s not too bad really though, when you have a job you enjoy and that.
Christmas traditions for our family are probably going to change a little bit over the next few years now anyway, with the addition of my bouncing baby niece joining the family fun. Last year she was a fresh baby which barely even blinked for entertainment. This year she’s just turned one and is almost like a proper little human. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t buy her too many things, but I’ve just bought *another* gift and it’s safe to say this little lady is going to end up bankrupting me at some point. Why are all baby related items just SO CUTE?? 
Usually I don’t bother even decorating my house when it comes to Christmas either. With being out of the house most of the time due to work, it’s only the cat here to enjoy the festive decorations! But with the help of White Stuff I’ve actually hung this rather lovely ‘Ho Ho Ho’ garland above my new bed headboard… However, in retrospect I’m not 100% sure that ‘ho’ hung above my bed is sending the right message out there, but hey, all in the spirit of Christmas (actually again, no, that sounds SO wrong!). White Stuff also sent me the lovely knitted colour block tunic I’m wearing in the above picture too, which is perfect for snuggling up in this Christmas, and I love the contrast between the teal sleeves and the mustard yellow. Perfect.
So this year the new traditions are going to be mainly revolving around the baby, because we’ve not had a baby around at Christmas before and making kids smile is what it’s all about really isn’t it. What Christmas Traditions will you partake in this year, old or new?