#OffDutyDenim: Day to Night with Asda

When it comes to clothing, I think George at Asda is one of my favourite Supermarket clothing lines out there. There’s nothing more laborious that the weekly shop, so to be able to bag some stylish additions to your wardrobe on the way round brings a whole new enjoyment to the supermarket ‘experience’. Imagine if Dale Winton bought back Supermarket Sweep? You could forget grabbing those inflatable bananas for extra points, you’d head straight to the clothing aisles instead and stuff your trolley full of a load of great items for your wardrobe.
One item of clothing I have always struggled with since I grew THIGHS, has been jeans. Granted, in 2001-2004 I could get away with baggy jeans to go with my Limp Bizkit Hoody, but since then and the rise of skinny jeans I’ve just had to avoid them. I’m too short and too pear shaped to pull off anything thinner on the leg than a bootcut – and bootcut jeans ain’t exactly the sassiest style on the block any more are they? 
When I do go clothes shopping I don’t even look in the denim or jeans section. But then I saw quite a few things online about these snazzy new Wonderfit Jeans at Asda. Claiming to be the ‘perfect fit’ – so naturally, I wanted to see if the claims were true. As my ass is significantly larger in circumference than my waist, this is where the problem seems to lie. A size 10 is too tight on the upper thighs and bum, then a size 12 gapes at the back and doesn’t fit around the belly. I picked up the Wonderfit Jeans in a size ‘small’ which is a 10-12 according to the label, the squeezed my derrière in there.
What can I say? THEY FREAKING FIT. THEY ACTUALLY FIT. The ‘denim’ isn’t really denim at all, but more of a thick ‘jegging’ material. They’re super stretchy and hug around curves, lumps and bumps like a dream, without having those weird pudgy bits turning odd shapes; they smooth your shape all over. 
I would never usually consider wearing trousers as more than a back up for days I don’t have clean tights, but I’ve been wearing more of these than I ever thought I would. They’re super easy to dress up or down, although I am still a little ‘aware’ of my bum area, but I think that’s because I’m not used to wearing stuff like this.  
I still can’t believe this little faux leather jacket is from Asda either. I’ve been after an affordable one for a while, and weighing it at £35 it’s absolutely amazing. With contrasting shiny leather parts against a ‘suede’ finish, it certainly looks a lot more pricey and more like something you’d get from Topshop than something you’d pick up with your beans. In fact, everything but my footwear has come from Asda.