The Cutest Make Up Kit Ever

When I spotted this Pupa Cat make up kit on the Escentual Twitter account, I immediately cracked our whatsapp and sent the link like wildfire to the lucky guy who was destined to buy it me for Christmas. However, it was an excitement short lived when the order couldn’t be fulfilled due to stock issues, boo. After tweeting my sadness, the magical Escentual Fairies were on it like wildfire to soothe my lack of cat make up disgruntlement. Customer Service A++++
After digging in their samples cupboard (which sounds like heaven, right?) they managed to locate the very last Pupa Cat Make Up Kit in the world, ever (okay a minor exaggeration, but still). Around 2-3 working days later, this little beauty landed on the doorstep and I felt like all my dreams had come true. 

Not only is the Pupa Cat Make Up kit the cutest thing I currently own, but this palm sized set also delivers on the contents. With an array of gold toned eye shadows, hydrating glossy lip balms and even an eye primer, this little set is actually perfect for adventures away. I am obsessed with gold eyeshadow and always welcome new ones to my collection, especially when it’s this cute.
After doing a bit of research, after my initial excitement about this kit, it appears that Pupa do quite the range of novelty make up sets. Amazon seems to be the best bet to browse them, but the images are a little bit rubbish and most of the sets don’t actually show the contents, but really – does anyone care when there’s such lols to be had at the outside?? Nah.
So, thank you Escentual for your bang on customer service and thank you Pupa Cat for, well, existing.