5 Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

5 Last Minute Valentine's Ideas
I seem to have featured more Valentine’s Day blog posts this year than I have the entire time I’ve had my blog, but perhaps I have grown romantic in my old age? Who knows. Anyway, in the spirit of all things soppy, here’s a little run down of 5 last minute Valentine’s ideas that even the most cynical of us can cope with. It was going to be 10, but what do you know? Clearly I am not as romantic as I have led you to believe. 

5 Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

1. The Standard Box of Chocolates and Flowers: Who says romance is dead? There’s a reason that people still dish out chocolates and flowers for romantic gestures – because classics never die. Head to your nearest Thornton’s and splash out on some favourites so you can share them whilst watching your favourite film. The Classic Collection is packed full of delicious flavours for everyone (although I baggsy all the strawberry cream ones, thanks). 
2. Have a Carpet Picnic:  It’s way to cold to be going to the local park for a picnic, So throw down a lovely blanket on the living room floor, light some candles and put on a little finger buffet to get stuck in to! Cheap and pretty cute if you do it as a surprise.
3. Make a Cute Packed Lunch for Them:  I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to other halves working the Valentine’s weekend. Make them a cute little packed lunch and throw in a little note to make them smile unexpectedly when they open their home made corned beef butties (notice how most of my ideas tend to have a food theme?)

4. The Standard Fragrance Gift:  Think that chocolates and flowers just aren’t enough of a cliché? How about going even more down the traditional route and get them a new fragrance. This water and sky inspired fragrance from GANT is absolutely amazing for a new scent for him to add to his collection. Honestly, I cannot stop sniffing it. It’s a fresh yet masculine smell and the kind which no one could ever dislike. It’s a really familiar smell, but I can’t quite pin point what it is, either way – you and your fella are going to reaaaallllyyyy like it. I promise. You can find it online here.
5. Have an at-home Spa day:  Blokes love a good pampering as much as we do (I find this out through my day job over on male grooming site www.mankind.co.uk) and you would not believe the amount of face masks which are sold every single day. Guys don’t like to admit they like a good pampering, but believe me, they do. Crack out the dressing gowns and relax with some face masks, massages and pedicures. Valentine’s does fall on a Sunday this year after all….
Do you have any last minute Valentine’s Ideas? Share them below or over on Twitter @helloterrilowe

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