9 Excuses To Not Go The Gym

It was only during my late 20’s that I discovered that joining a gym was an really easy thing to do. With the introduction of all these ‘pay as you go’ memberships, which require my favourite amount of human interaction (which is none), I have been going to my local Pure Gym on and off for about 3 years now. When I say on and off, my fitness journey has certainly had its waves and troughs of ‘can’t be arsed’ alongside the ‘I’M GONNA BE THE MOST HENCH PERSON IN THE WORLD EVER’ attitudes. During my troughs of complete CBA, I have used some of the lamest excuses ever (and still do) to put off going. Here are a few of them for you to enjoy and perhaps use yourself if you’re ever flaking from your fitness fun.

9 Excuses To Not Go The Gym

9 Excuses To Not Go The Gym

The cat needs attention
I’ve used this one every Sunday evening after I’ve been out for the Saturday night. The cat doesn’t really care if I’m hear or not as long as she gets her food.

The cat was sick on my sock
This one has happened twice now. I could just get some clean socks out of my drawer, but when you cba, you cba and a bit of cat puke on an old sock can really be a blessing when you need an excuse.
The cat did a wee on my coat
She regularly did this at my old flat and I don’t know why. Not like I was going to wear that coat for the gym, but I had to end up investigating other areas of wee when I discovered the one.
I’ve run out of protein powder
After my love affair with my staff discount over at Myprotein I actually pretending that I knew something about nutrition and didn’t go to the gym three times in a row because I ran out. I don’t know what this stuff does really, so it was nice to pretend I knew what I was on about (or something).

I might go tomorrow

I’m not definitely going tomorrow, but I might and hey that’s something…

The battery on my phone is low
Because we all go to the gym just walk really slow on a treadmill and catch up on Twitter and Snapchat. No, really, I genuinely do.
I don’t have any headphones for my ipod
The ipod I haven’t used in 3 years and cannot find.
I’m on my period
Just like a 1960’s advert for Tampax, I can sometimes believe that having my period means I cannot go near water, exercise or even wild animals as they may maul me to death for my female vulnerability.
I didn’t drink enough water two days ago

Apart from this meaning I should make an effort to always drink enough water, I’ve used this excuse for times when I’m ‘catching up’ on drinking water. Which is really normal.

What’s your best excuse to skip the gym?