Cheers To The Freakin’ Weekend

This weekend has been an absolute fun filled whirlwind, with plenty of activities to brag on the internet about. Although really, it wasn’t just at the weekend the fun started, as I went and got my tattoos finished off on Thursday and Friday. I don’t really talk about my old tattoos on the internet very much as to be honest – they were crap. A cover up of a cover up from a time when tattoos were not done by the artists you see today, but by people who acquired a tattoo gun and set up a back alley shop, not putting any effort in to the actual design of tattoos. Luckily, I found a local chap at Penny Black Tattoo in Stoke on Trent who has been an actual WIZARD and sorted out my crappy blob of flowers and evil Matryoshka doll, turning them in to a beautiful work of art by completely covering my arm with a massive peacock and a complimenting rose. He tarted the doll up a little bit and managed to fit her in with the design and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I had the first lot done around 8 years ago and after turning 30 I just decided I was getting too old for life with shit tattoos! Whilst I was there I also got a Bee on the front of my arm at the top (on my BEE-cep as it shall now be known). Why a bee? Well, why not! I wanted a moth or a butterfly really, but then I really wanted something a bit different. I love bug and insect tattoos but I’ve not seen many people with bee’s, so here it is. My beautiful bee. Yeah, it STUNG a bit, but at least I didn’t get HIVES – hohoho.

On Saturday I popped on the train to London with Charl, Lily and Victoria and we went to a special preview of the Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner waxworks, which are not at Madame Tussards ready for Fashion Week.  Despite it being a little bit of a weird experience – with the staff/actors getting in to a ‘behind the scenes’ character of fashion week and treating us like ‘models/celebs’; it was actually a hilarious half hour. I literally could not stop laughing. We got our hair done and had to walk down the catwalk with Cara to have a picture taken at the end. My face hurt from all the lols. We scooted around the rest of the waxworks afterwards, which was an interesting and slightly different day out to what I’m used to. 
Hungry from laughing, we needed to get some form of burger afterwards to head to a place called ”Burgers and Cocktails” which we simply went to because Patty and Bun had a MASSIVE queue outside, which remained the entire time we were in this burger place. At first we were dead excited by the burger options, and I chose a ‘MAC MOUNTAIN’ which promised a dollop of Mac n’ Cheese on top of the standard burger. Disappointing is the only word I can use to describe the whole meal though – as the burger/pasta was cold and there wasn’t a hint of cheese in sight. What a waste of carbs!! Turns out the place was actually run by the same people who own Giraffe restaurants though, which I don’t really rate, so explained with it was a little bit rubbish. However, it only cost £13 for the burgers, side and a drink, so for London prices I suppose it was fair…

On Sunday we went on a day out to Jodrell Bank, which again, was SO disappointing I’m really regretting paying £28 for 4 of us and the baby to go in! I remember going as a kid and it was packed full of fun things to play on and touch and do. But nope! It’s completely bare, with only a few TV monitors and really sub-standard things to touch and see. I expected there to be a lot more sensory style additions for the baby to enjoy, but nope. The only thing she liked was the massive lino moon in a room which, well, just had a massive lino moon on the floor in.  So much for that spinning chair thing they used to have when we were little! All was not lost though, as we went to Macclesfield to the Chili Banana for lunch. I’ll do a separate post on that though, as it was SO DELICIOUS it needs a full review.

I feel like I need a few days off from work to catch up with myself now after all these activities. I even managed to bag a laptop this weekend for a super bargain price, but I haven’t even had chance to take it out of the box yet! … Maybe tomorrow, eh. I’m thinking of starting using YouTube to vlog on, but not sure if I’m a little late to the party? What do you think? I may *be* too old for YouTube, but at least I don’t look it!