Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent
On Friday evening I was invited to a romantic meal at Coast to Coast…… With Charl, Sarah and our new Marketing friend from intu Potteries. The theme was Valentine’s Day, kind of. Well, it was before we actually went for the meal and we did some shopping and treated ourselves to some wonderful Valentine’s Treats.

Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

Coast to Coast is one of the latest restaurants to come to Stoke on Trent, as part of the intu Potteries upgrades. ‘The Hive’ is a hub of chain restaurants and a new fancy Cineworld, and if you’re familiar with Hanley or Stoke on Trent then you’ll know how far behind we’ve been with these kinds of luxuries in the past. But not any more – it’s 2016 and Stoke is finally catching up. I’ve never been to a Coast to Coast before and to be honest, the only place I had noticed one is in Birmingham, so I was pretty excited to try somewhere new for a change!

Upon arriving at Coast to Coast, we were given the impressive cocktail menu to choose a drink from. Being a basic girl I went straight in for the Pumpkin Pie cocktail, which despite looking a little unsavoury in that glass, actually tasted AMAZING. Kind of like how a Christmas candle smells but in a drink… I know, weird description, but you know what I mean right? Those candles you sniff which are ‘good enough to eat’? This cocktail was more than good enough to drink. Yum. 
We skipped the starters, as we had already seen the portion sizes on neighbouring tables, so went straight in for the mains, with a side of Chicken Strips coated in a delicious blue cheese sauce. They were absolutely delicious and I could have eaten about 5 more plates of just those! We chose them from the starter menu but requested they were served with the main – and everything came out at the same time, no trouble. Despite being incredibly busy on a Friday night. (Every time I usually order a starter as a side when a restaurant is busy they get confused and bring it first, hence my surprise here!)
Coast to Coast, Stoke on Trent

For my actual main course, I chose the ‘Roadside Sliders’, which consisted of 3 mini burgers presented on a nice big slab alongside a serving of spicy fries. My favourite from the trio was the one with pulled pork on (of course, because anything with pulled pork on is the best, ever) and the coleslaw was perfect for adding a bit of ‘wet’ to the whole meal. 
The prices at Coast to Coast are fairly reasonable. I suppose the best way to describe the place if you’ve never been, is like Frankie and Benny’s  but without the Italian twist. All in all, very nice for a change and the cocktails were definitely a welcome addition to drinking options in Stoke on Trent.
Thanks for having us intu Potteries! You can see my Valentine’s treats and picks by clicking here.
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I've been to the one in Norwich and Sheffield and the service has always been fantastic. I think the food is good and as you said, the cocktail list is quite something.