Interior Snippets: The Bedroom

It’s been six months now since I moved in to my new house and I’m finally making an effort to get it just how I want it. I’ve decided that I am going to not move for as long as possible now, after the last move from my one bedroom flat to my house was such a pain, after accumulating an unhealthy amount of stuff for one person who lives alone with a cat! The first step to making my bedroom a little more comfy and ‘me’ was getting a brand new bed frame. This grey fabric bed was surprisingly affordable from Argos and cost just under £150 for the frame (I already had a mattress). When it comes to beds I’m quite fussy really. As much as I love the shabby chic look of some white metal bed frames, I just can’t stand metal bed frames after a year or so, as they always seem to start squeaking with every breath and constantly need tightening. Blergh. I stick to wooden bed frames now as they don’t squeak as easily and seem to stay sturdy a bit longer! 
To got with my new bed, I recently got some Memory Foam pillows from Time4Sleep which I must admit are taking a little bit of getting used to. You know when you’ve had pillows for years and they just seem to fit your head perfectly? My old pillow were definitely at that stage, but I’d had them a number of years so needed to get rid of them! They are pretty comfortable though, despite being used to feather pillows in the past. Your head literally sinks in to them and supports your neck sturdily. It’s just like when I changed to a memory foam mattress and had to get used to that – but I wouldn’t go back to a regular spring mattress now. I’m getting nowhere near as any back aches and I do feel like my posture is slightly improved. Just a shame I caught on to this memory foam things a bit late in the day really.

To go with my bed and rest of my bedroom colour scheme, I also got some blackout blinds in a sky blue colour from Direct Blinds. Despite being a light shade, it’s surprising how much light they actually block out! I’m also finding that they’re keeping the warmth in a little more on these chilly days too. It’s taken me (well, my dad) around 2 months to finally put them up. But when he actually came round and did it I realised how easy it was and how I could have just done it myself instead of waiting. You literally screw in 4 screws on the attachments at the top, pop the blind in and it’s good to go! Might even get some for my other windows so I can pretend I’m a DIY whizz…