Too Faced Love Flush in ‘Love Hangover’

Too Faced Love Flush in 'Love Hangover'

Do you ever get a make up product which is so pretty that you simply cannot bring yourself to use it? That’s what I’m currently experiencing with the Too Faced Love Flush in ‘Love Hangover’. I mean, just look at it. Not only is it presented in the cutest ‘Polly Pocket’-esque packaging, ever, but inside lies a beautifully embossed pan of pinky perfect blush goodness.
Love Flush blush from Too Faced promises 16 hours of long-wearing colour goodness upon you rcheeks. But I feel like I cannot enjoy this until I get past the cuteness of the product and actually use it. Sometimes life is cruel and hard.
The formula itself is (according to the internet, not my own swatching because it would break my heart) is highly pigmented and smudge proof. It all sounds so very good doesn’t it? This dusky pink shade will be perfect for dusting over the apples of my cheeks with a lovely soft brush, when I eventually summon up the courage to use it.
Have you ever had a make up product so beautiful you cannot spoil it? How did you manage to break the cycle of needing to experience the results, alongside not wanting to ruin the perfect appearance of the product? 
Do we need to start a support group for this?