Mini Beauty Reviews March 2016

I’ve not been acquiring as much make up and skincare lately, as it’s finally that time in my life where I know I have wayyyy too much. Okay, this time came a while ago, but I swear this is like an addiction here. Anyway, I’ve kept my stash levels down in comparison to how much I used to have and I’ve finally started to clear old stuff out and giving unloved items away to good homes. However, this hasn’t stopped me from having a little splurge occasionally and this is the results of my latest one. So here, have some mini reviews from my March 2016 buys:

PIXI Beauty Sleep Cream: It seems that creams which work their magic as you sleep as pretty big right now aren’t they? This one from PIXI probably isn’t the best one I’ve ever tried, but equally it is not the worst. It’s great for a boost of hydration and the calming ingredients do a great job of calming down any blemishes.

Too Faced Powder Foundation: This is actually a shade too dark for me, so I can’t use it on my full face as a foundation. But I am using it to seal concealer under my eyes to stop it from settling in the crinkly wrinkles. It does a great job of that and the soft texture leaves me with a nice even finish too.

W7 Mini Power Puff Blending Sponges: Despite being bought for their cuteness levels, these are quite disappointing really. I got them to bled this pesky under eye concealer, but they’re too soft and absorbent to hold and transfer any make up well. Booo.

W7 Absolute Lashes: Despite it’s similarities in appearance to the Benefit They’re Real mascara, this one from W7 doesn’t perform anywhere near as well. It’s not a bad mascara for the price of around £4, but don’t buy it expecting miracle lashes. It’s a little flakey and drying after a few hours wear, but alright nonetheless. 
Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner: I’m obsessed with gold pencil eye shadows, so after swatching this is store took the plunge and buy it. Somehow on my hand it’s the most opaque and easily blendable eye product ever, but when I try to apply it to my eyes it’s a little too hard and won’t blend. I’ll give it a few more goes and try to warm it up a little before use, but so far no good for this one, which is a weird shame considering how well it applies to my hand?!
What have you been buying lately?