Elemis Biotec Skincare

Elemis Biotec Skincare Review

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new Elemis Biotec Skincare range across press and blogs alike these past few weeks. Despite looking fairly young for my age of 30, my skin does tend to suffer from the effects of not having a proper skincare routine until I was about 27. Often I find my complexion seems tired, dull and a lacks the preppy glow my skin could do with to match my youthful facial features! My eyes in particular seem to suffer to most and with years of contact lens wear, I feel like this has had an impact on the crinkly area just under my eyes. Being so forgetful in my old age, I also seem to forget that eye cream is a thing and wake up most mornings with the full impact of my 6 hours (on average) sleep.

The new Biotec range from Elemis claims to actively boost skin energy and energise depleted skin cells, with the aid of Zinc, Copper and a range of other hydrating and radiance boosting ingredients. With three products in the Elemis Biotec range (all available at BeautyExpert.com) your skincare routine is taken from start to finish; all starting with the gel cleanser.

I must admit, even though I’ve been using the cleanser for a while now, I am still being slightly over zealous with its use. You literally need 2-3 pumps and you can successfully cleanse a majority of your make up off in one attempt. However, because it distributes such a small amount and doesn’t foam up, I still go on autopilot and end up using way too much even though I don’t need to! As soon as I wash it off, my skin feels instantly so soft and smooth, which I do find really weird as gel cleansers usually have an uncomfortable, tight result for my skin. 

As you can see, the Elemis Biotec Energising Creams come in a night and a day version. Both are in a duo pump bottle which distributes an even amount of cream formula, alongside a gel. I’ve been using both the day and night cream every night and my skin really does feel soft and hydrated as a result. My make up seems to be applying smoother and more evenly too, with no horrid dry patches revealing themselves throughout the day. When the weather keeps changing from rain to warmth I usually get dry patches across my forehead and on the end of my nose, but so far, so good and these products are helping to keep dryness at bay. In fact I’m not sure that my skin has ever felt this moisturised so consistently.
Admittedly, the Elemis Biotec Range doesn’t come in cheap, with the moisturisers setting you back a slick £75 a pop and the cleanser coming in at close to £40 – BUT, if you’re serious about trying the range you can pick up the Elemis Biotec Discovery Kit for £35 to give it a good go.