Interior Snippets: The Tub Chair

I don’t know why I keep choosing these places to live that have such awkward layouts. In my old flat the living room was fairly big yet such a rectangular square of boring that I could not find a way to make the furniture fit in a way that I liked. Since moving in to this house, the living room again is giving me the most bother when it comes to arranging the furniture and fitting the type of furniture I would like in it! Due to the space I am limited to having a sofa on one set wall and the rest of the room is remaining pretty empty, with a big space underneath the stairs within the room too. 
When Lakeland Furniture contacted me to review a piece of furniture I totally hoped that I would be able to replace my worn out red Ikea sofa for something a little more subdued. However, their budget was limited so I chose this wonderful little tub chair instead. Despite being grey, it doesn’t stand out too much within the current furniture selection I have. This is mainly because nothing matches anyway and I’m hoping that people will just think that is intentional haha. Assembly was pretty easy and I literally just had to screw the legs on and it’s working out to be way more comfy than the vintage leather chair I’d had temporarily in this space. Adding this little chair also somehow makes the room look a little more spacious, yet with a few cushions on it adds a touch of cosy-ness at the same time too – so a good combination to suit my needs really!
Now here’s hoping I can afford to upgrade that sofa sometime soon too….