My Little Box May

I’ve been eyeing up the My Little Box subscription service for a while now. A few of my colleagues receive it every month and whenever they open this cute little box, tailored towards one strong theme, I get so jealous! This month was no different so I decided to bite to bullet and part for £13.95 a month to give myself a little treat on my desk too. There’s just something about a strong narrative on inanimate objects that really appeals to me and My Little Box is always presented with such a lovely theme. 
Hailing from France, they’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to targeting a UK audience. Over the past few years everyone has become increasingly obsessed with French Pharmacy skincare and My Little Box takes it that one step further with a globetrotting ‘experience’ in each box. The May My Little Box is all circulated around Italy. With a perfume that whisks you away to an Italian summer to even a pasta guide inside the booklet made especially for the box – the curators of this little treasure thought of everything.
The other reason I really like My Little Box is because it doesn’t just provide you with beauty treats, you also get some nice quirky accessories from time to time. I’ve seen subscribers receive a range of things from necklaces and notebooks, to the patterned headband and ring within this edition. Is there was one word to describe My Little Box it would just be ‘lovely’, because that’s exactly what it is, every time.