The HQhair #HQBDay Party at Park Plaza Westminster

Canapes, wine, photoboots and sweets make for a pretty awesome party it seems. Which is why the HQhair birthday party in London at the weekend was a pretty good shindig.  Watch my vlog above to take a look at a quick overview of the occasion!
Unfortunately I didn’t get too many pictures of the party itself. After two glasses of wine I was getting worried I would end up breaking my new canon g7x camera  (which is the best addition to my life, ever recently), so only ended up getting the below images! Thankfully I managed to snap two good ‘uns after fan girling over two of my favourite internet people, ever. Leigh from Fox and Feather has been my favourite orange haired online Stevie Nicks for a while now and Em Ford, well, needs no introduction!
Same again next year?