5 Summer Essentials

#1 Raybans (from Sunglasses Shop): It was a few years ago now that I discovered my love of Raybans, and I’m now the proud owner of 3 pairs. I thought I’d never steer away from my beloved Tortoiseshell Clubmasters, but then these pink mirrored bad boys came in to my life and it seems like I haven’t had them off my face since. Perfect for sunny days and jazzing up a boring work outfit.
#2 Perspirex: This deodorising wonder product stops you sweating for up to 4 days. Just pop it on clean, dry skin at night and welcome dry armpits in to your life. It works, but proceed with caution, as the high aluminium content can cause a slight reaction on more sensitive skin types.
#3 BB Creams with SPF; As a sucker for a glycolic acid product or two, I need to ensure that I get my daily SPF fix in as many ways as I can. I’ve been using an SPF based BB cream mixed with my foundation for a while now and it works a treat. A definite daily essential for summer!

#4 Pixi Glow Mist: Sweaty days with a full face of make up can sometimes leave you looking and feeling like a cakey mess. If you find your fixing powder has started to turn you face in to an extra from the Great British Bake Off, then mist a rose water or oil based spritz over your face and dab off lightly. This should fix that problem whilst also giving you a burst of cool freshness on a sweaty day.

#5 Fake Tan for Pale Skin: Bland to Tanned from Fake Bake is the perfect fake tan for pale girls. The formula doesn’t go orange and you’re left with a nice, rich-yet-suitable bronzed glow for a summers day. Apply with a tanning mitt to ensure an even application and you’re good to go.