Download Festival 2016

Download Festival 2016

If you’ve been following my instagram over this weekend, then you will have noticed that I have been enjoying the rainy, muddy joys of Download 2016. Ever since the line up was announced I have been pretty bloody excited about going and the weekend certainly did not disappoint. Granted, the weather did become a little too much to handle this morning and that’s why I am currently wrapped in my duvet, missing Iron Maiden (boooo!), but I did see them at Sonisphere a few years ago anyway, after we snuck in to their secret party and nabbed a few free burgers – so all is not lost.

I feel like Download 2016 has actually made my life that little more complete. Since my mosher days in the early 00’s I’ve been OBSESSED with KoRn, and they’re the only nu-metal band I love that I haven’t actually got a chance to see (until this weekend of course). I also managed to finally see Glassjaw which bought back all the memories of  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence being my soundtrack for every summer from 2001-2005. Consisting of 4 stages with a variety of rock, metal and thrash bands playing, there was something to see at all times from bands who’d been on your radar for years and ones who were relatively new on the scene.

Being the third and final time that Black Sabbath headlined Download, it would be an absolute sin not to brave the weather and go and see them. The main thing I took away from the Black Sabbath show was the new found ambition to rock as hard as Ozzy did when I’m 67. From start to finish the Prince of Darkness lived up to his name, despite the biblical levels of rain throughout the 2 hour set.

Download Festival 2016

I’d been waiting to see Rammstein since seeing reviews of their set at Download a few years ago, but I must admit, I was left a little disappointed after the stories I’d heard. There was no ‘bumming’ in sight, but apparently this was due to them being stopped at customs with some suspect looking items in their suitcases. If you’re not familiar with Rammstein then this all sounds a little odd, but when you consider that they once bought out a range of ‘adult’ toys and are well known for donning a gimp mask or two, then this all sounds perfectly normal. Disappointed over props aside, Lindemann’s bellowing vocals were flawless throughout, and they’re another band to tick off my band-bucket-list.

Other highlights of the weekend include £25 a bottle wine, dancing to my favourite songs from bands which were cool 10 years ago and the fact that even though it was raining NON STOP, that didn’t detract from the amazing atmosphere and awesome location Download Festival is held at. Being on a racetrack is a welcome alternative to miles and miles of fields that you usually get at a UK festival and just feeling solid ground underneath your feet after so much mud is an unlikely pleasure that I can now appreciate so much.

Download Festival 2016

I must admit, I am a little sad to not be seeing Disturbed or Billy Talent right now, but when your waterproof coat decides it’s not actually waterproof at all, something’s gotta give! Overall though, Download is just how I remembered it the last time I went back in 2001, which is one of the most relaxed, friendly and fun festivals I’ve been to. 
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April Bishop

The mud and weather got pretty crazy, I'm so excited for this years lineup though. More for the smaller bands than the bigger ones.


Holly Shannon

Looks like you had an amazing time! I haven't been to Soni since their last one in 2011, I got to see my rock heroes, Metallica 🙂 X

Holly ∣ Closingwinter