Lost Village Festival with Rocket Dog Shoes #RDFestivals

UK Festivals are known for being busy, rowdy, mud filled places, right? I can’t remember the last festival I went to where it didn’t rain at least once! Lost Village Festival has broken the curse of the UK Festival Scene though and for the entire weekend we were met with nothing but sun, and a small gust of wind now and again.
Lost Village is not only different because of the weather situation we were blessed with for the weekend, but also for the unique format of the entire event. Being a relatively small, independent festival with a capacity of around 5000, you are immediately transported into a new realm of wonderment, where everyone is just so so nice. Like seriously, everyone is SO nice. 

I was lucky enough to be sent to Lost Village Festival by Rocket Dog shoes, who as you may have guessed, provided me with the perfect footwear for any festival. The Camilla Boots are comfortable in any weather, although perhaps they may have needed swapping out if we did get knee high mud like I experienced at Leeds a few years ago. During the lovely weather we did have though, they were perfect.

 Another thing which was perfect, was the setting itself. The layout was so bizarre at first when compared with every other festival I’ve been to, but when you got your head around the details, such as an abandoned church in a forest and beautiful lights wherever you turned, you could begin to soak up the true atmosphere. Not only that, but they also had actors in the forest alongside one of my favourite make up brands Illamasqua at the occasion!

There was also the ‘Lake of Tranquility’ which provided a beautifully peaceful setting which was perfect for nursing a hangover. Whilst relaxing you could hear the Yoga class that was going on in the background and see the hot tubs which people were enjoying a dip in. Everywhere you turned there was something going on and it showed that Festivals don’t always have to be action packed to be fun! 

You can check out my vlog below, unfortunately I didn’t take my camera out in the evening as I was too busy dancing to Fat Boy Slim and the other dance acts who were on for the weekend.

Thank you Rocket Dog for providing me with this awesome experience and a big shout out to Vango who kindly sent me my camping equipment.