5 Struggles of Having a Ridiculous Hip to Waist Ratio

When your waist measures 27 inches and your hips measure 38 inches, being fashionable can often be a little bit of a struggle. The High Street is sometimes not a friend of the pear shaped amongst us, and the eternal struggle of finding shapes which suit your shape within a garment can leave you weeping inside. Yeah, you look freakin’ awesome naked, granted. But finding those cuts to suit your shape and make you look just as awesome in public can be a little bit tricky…. Beyonce wouldn’t put up with this shit.

5 Struggles of Having a Ridiculous Hip to Waist Ratio

You find it impossible to wear anything with ‘bodycon’ in the name.  Too tight around the butt, too big around the boobs. Every damn time.
Every pair of jeans, regardless of style, gapes on the small of your back… Whilst being so tight around your hoo-har your frightened that you may be lowering your chance of being able to birth children with every step.
You have to sneakily swap the bottoms to a size bigger in all lingerie sets, pyjama sets, co-ords and bikini’s. 
Tunic dresses can be your best friend and your worst enemy. They’re so comfortable, yet due to sizing up for that floaty fit, you look around 3 stone heavier than you actually are.
Any weight you put on goes straight to the places that you’ve already got some cushion for the pushin’ on.

….But on the positive side, you can hula hoop like a freaking champion.

Are you blessed with hips to rival Shakira’s and the waist of a child? What is your biggest struggled when it seems like God put you together ALL WRONG sometimes.
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Becky Smith

I most definitely have this problem. I can't remember my exact measurements but my hips are huge compared to my waist. Oh and they're also visibly wonky thanks to that good old curve in my spine x

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

Rhiannon Fraser

Amen to all of this! Jim jams are my hatred as I'm too much of a wimp to switch around the tops so they fit x