4 New Summer Nudes

Every now and again I take a look in my bag and do a quick count of just how many lipsticks I’m hoarding in there. Apparently, as well as the 4 in the image above, I feel the need to have an additional 8 lipsticks in my every day bag. Totally normal behaviour, right? It seems a majority of these lipsticks are nude shades, with the odd bold one thrown in for good measure. As it would be very time consuming to feature all of them, here are my 4 most recent nude lipstick purchases.
Pop Beauty Permanent Pout in Pink Honey: I got this from work the other day (the pros of working for beauty websites prevails again), as it’s a sister brand of the beloved-by-all Pixi Skincare. Not to be confused with the cult American lipstick brand ColorPop, these permanent lip pouts are a liquid formula which dry in a water resistant matte finish. I absolutely LOVE the shade and the finish once dry, however, I have found that when worn in consecutive days I do find my lips begin to dry out. An utter shame, but it’s definitely a go-to lip product for nights out, as the minimal need to re-application is perfect for a night when drinking is more important than your lipstick maintenance. For 12 quid a go, the price is also pretty reasonable too.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Colour in Seduction: I only bought this as every time I went in to any high street store this particular shade was ALWAYS sold out. I’m not sure if it has been featured by someone particularly influential, but the lack of availability somehow made me need it more. The range has been praised for it’s long-wearing finish so I knew I’d have to invest at some point anyway. One lunch time I just so happened to grab the last one on the shelf in Superdrug and parted with my £8.99 and went on my merry way. The longevity is great and the finish is almost satin, rather than matte. I do find that this shade is so similar to my actual lips that it’s hard to evaluate the exact duration of wear, but I can say that it’s the ultimate ‘your lips but better’ product.
Born – Seduction – Pink Honey – Looking Buff
Illamasqua Rose Gold Lipstick in Born: Ugh, the day I got this I went to take blog pictures and somehow dropped it, snapped the actual lipstick from the packaging. Gutted ain’t the word… Anyway, I managed to warm it with a hairdryer and stick it back in, but the aesthetic is simply not as wonderful as when it was brand new *sigh*. This is the perfect every day lipstick both in formula and shade, as the dusky pink warmth to an otherwise standard nude, adds a nice touch of colour to my lips. It slicks on easily in comparison to other Illamasqua formulas and manages to keep my lips slightly moisturised throughout the day. 
Seventeen Mega Matte in Looking Buff: These bad boys are only £3.49 in Boots at the moment and despite having more lipsticks than the store itself, I couldn’t resist the offer. These are ultra matte lipsticks in a range of colours that apply easily to your lips. This shade is on the darker side of the nude scale, but as my lips are apparently the same colour as most nude shades anyway, that’s a good thing. The lipstick-to-cup transfer is minimal, which is always a reassuring sign of a long wear formula. I might nip back some point for more….