Leeds Festival 2016: The Highlights!

Leeds Festival 2016: The Highlights!

It seems like only a month ago I was writing this blog post about Leeds Festival 2015! But another year has now passed and we’re all a bit older and not any wiser when it comes to partying. In fact, so much partying was had that I only managed to capture the absolute sober highlights on camera. I’m still really trying to get in to vlogging, but when a bit of rain and mud shows it’s face I get a little scared and hide my camera away from harm. If you did follow me on Snapchat (username: Tea-Lowe) or Instagram, then you would have no doubt seen my incessant snapping from my phone anyway though! If not, take a little look at my YouTube Vlog below. It’s short, but captures the weekend perfectly for me:

What were the other highlights of Leeds 2016 though?

THE MUSIC: Of course. The best bands of the entire weekend, for me, were Die Antwoord and Slaves. Both of which I heard mixed reviews of around the campsite. For those not in the know, Die Antwoord are a South African ‘Rap-Rave’ group, fronted by Ninja and Yolandi. With a freakish approach not only to the music, but also their kinda controversial videos, it was pretty much the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen. Massive cartoon cocks spaffing on the animated video in the background, complete with a DJ wearing a frightening mask and Yolandi yapping around the stage in a Gloomy Bear onesie – you’d have to see it to believe it.  Slaves put on a slightly more ‘relaxed’ show with their two piece set up, but the angst filled songs, which seemed to be delivered by a cross between John Lydon and Kate Nash packed an absolute punch. 

Recommended Listening: 

THE PARTYING: As usual, Piccadilly Party down on the campsite was absolute frigging insane. Every night it goes off until 6am and is hosted by such an excellent bunch of chaps, who also do short stints in the guest area during the day. Not only that, but I managed to party every day until at least 4am and didn’t get one hangover – score.
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THE WEATHER: Okay, so Saturday night was torrential so we did miss The Foals (booo!), but for the majority of the weekend it was fairly pleasant! I managed to wear at least all the summery clothes I took at one point or another anyway. And what is a festival without mud in the UK? You can see the mud in full detail over on my YouTube video just before Biffy Clyro.

THE FOOD: Festivals always seem to get such a bad rap for food, but I tell you – they’re cottoning on to this catering lark and really upping their game lately. Every festival I’ve been to this year has made an effort to get some locally sourced and independent eats present. Leeds had a few lovely places serving mac and cheese, ‘sloppy beefs’ and delicious curry all down the side of the main stage in the Jack Rocks bit. Not only that, but they also complimented the independent food with some great indie music throughout the day in their little tent.
I could go on all day about the fun that I had this weekend and it seemed to go so much quicker than any other year! Which is a shame, but also just proves how much fun was had. Roll on Leeds Festival 2017!