Are Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks Any Good?

Review of Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

Are Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks Any Good?

A few weeks ago, I published this post, which showcased a few Kat Von D beauty samples I’d bagged from the Love Me Beauty website. I was so excited to try the range, after hearing endlessy good things around the blogosphere.

For those not in the loop with regards to who Kat Von D is, she’s an American tattoo artist turned make up brand, who found fame on a TV show called Miami Ink (and then her own show LA Ink) many years ago. As an advocate for veganism, her make up line is entirely cruelty free.

The Kat Von D Make Up Range

Within the Kat Von D Make Up range you will find not only the everlasting lipsticks, but also a range of other products. From foundations to suit paler complexions, to a range of brushes and tools for flawless application, you will find everything you need for your entire face within the collection. I am personally pretty desperate to give the Lock It Foundation a try, but am yet to find a Debenhams store in real life to give it a good swatch first.

So, is the ‘Everlasting’ Liquid Lipstick Really Everlasting?

Well, I’ve tried it a few times now, both in the day and on nights out and my feelings are slightly mixed. Whilst there is no doubt this formula is AMAZING, with a completely opaque formula with one coating; I did find that towards the 3rd drink or so, there was some slight wear in the center of my lips. Due to the shade being an eye-catching red, this did mean that the wear was a lot more noticeable than it would have been in a more neutral shade.  The formula also did not dry my lips out, or dry with that overly matte finish I’m used to from other super long wearing liquid lipsticks.
For the full price of £16 per full size tube, I would hasten to spend that on further colours in the everlasting liquid lip range. Unless I was really bought in to cruelty free brands I don’t think the Kat Von D lipstick range has that selling point to me which would draw me back. However, saying that, I can’t promise I won’t be tempted by trying some of the nude colours in the range if I saw one in real life which was nice enough to use on a daily basis. 
Being exclusive in the UK to Debenhams, I’m still unsure how Love Me Beauty managed to get the samples in their previous collection, but I think I read somewhere that they will be available again next month. If you’re really keen on trying this or other products keep an eye on at their website  and you might be able to get some to try before investing in the full sizes.