Daily Effortless Hair

Since having extensions I have become ever so lazy with styling my hair. Popping my hair in a plait over night is pretty standard and the results the next day aren’t exactly brilliant. Like, the style will do, but it definitely looks pretty rough around the edges. With this in mind though, the plait method over night does set it up well for adding a few loose waves with the Nicky Clarke Supershine Straighteners, which also have a handy steam feature which seems to hold the waves so much better than my bog standard old straighteners do. The steam also adds shine to your hair and apparently locks in the moisture. I must admit that since using these my hair doesn’t appear to be as damaged as it would usually feel with my normal straighteners, so something must be different with the steam element at least!
By simply taking random chunks of hair and gliding the straighteners down at an angle, you can create some really nice shapes, which work well with the already slightly wavy base style. To protect my hair whilst I’m using heat stylers I’m also using the Neal & Wolf Heat Protection Spray, which you can use on wet or dry hair. I don’t know why every heat protector I find is only for use on wet hair?! So it’s a welcome addition to have this luxurious smelling bad boy in my hair product pile. 
I don’t know if you’ve ever smelt the Neal & Wolf haircare range, but good God it is amazing. One of those rich, expensive smelling scents that really stays with you. So much so, I’m eyeing up the Hair and Body Fragrance as I type. I was sent the candle alongside these to products, so I’ll boast more about the scent then, but for now I can just tell you that you need to sniff it, if you get the chance.