Easy No Heat Curling

I try my best not to use heat tools on my hair, despite always loving the results when I do make an effort to curl it. Whilst curling my hair with straighteners  is pretty quick and easy, I’ve managed to come up with an even quicker way to make my hair wavy on a daily basis. And bonus – it requires no heat!
Using the headband I got in a My Little Box back in May (blog post here), I simply split my hair in two 4 parts and wrap it around the band. It’s comfortable to sleep in and also helps to prevent damage to my extensions at night. 

You can be pretty slap dash with the process – wrapping your hair tighter for a tighter curl and looser for a wavy look. Just make sure you do the front two sections from your fringe loser and in the direction you’d like it to ‘sit’ the following day, as you don’t want a big straight section at the tops with waves on your lengths. This works best just after you’ve blow dried your hair and it’s still a little warm too. Then, as it cools you’ll really find the curl holds.
The only other tip is to put the headband over your hair, rather than under in the traditional way you’d wear a wrap around headband like this. That way it’s easier to wrap and you avoid awkward bumps in your hair.
et voilá