A Beauty Advent Calendar That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Beauty Advent calendars are everywhere. A few years ago, no one had even heard of an Advent Calendar that wasn’t chocolate based, but nowadays you can get advent calendars containing anything from beauty treats to gin.

To be honest, they’ve never really appealed to me. Mainly because of the price if I’m being completely honest. There’s something just a little over indulgent about spending £50+ on make up just before Christmas. Especially when you probably have things you want on your Christmas list anyway? Then there’s the people getting them for Christmas presents and opening them throughout December. Kind of ruins the magic of presents under the tree if you ask me!

Anyway, qualms to one side, I have found a Beauty Advent Calendar that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t ruin Christmas at all. 
The Essence Beauty Advent Calendar contains 15 mini nail varnishes, 5 nail varnish toppers, 2 nail file, nail stickers and a mini cosmetic bag. There’s a great selection of colours within the calendar, from wearable nudes, to more bold reds; and each one has a cute little Christmas name too! Behind each door there’s a little bit of text to bring some sunshine to your day (even when it is so cold outside).
The mini nail varnishes at all a good size, being at least half the size of a regular bottle of polish. I do find that essence nail polishes are always really good quality too. In fact, when I spotted this I was just about to buy a lovely grey one off the stand in Wilko, but then saw the price of this bad boy and figured it just made sense to bag this instead.
So, ‘how much is it?’ I hear you ask,,,
A Fiver.

It was only bloody 5 English pounds…
The varnish I almost bought was £2.80 on it’s own. Which is still a Barry big time bargain. But for £5 I got all of the above and the added benefit of not missing out on the Beauty Advent Calendar hype.
You can pick one of these up from your local Wilkos store. If you’ve not tried any essence products before then definitely check them out. I recommend the liquid eyeliner and the nail varnish range for starters!