Do I Really Need: An Electronic Cleansing Device?

Do I Really Need… An Electronic Cleansing Device?

After talking about the new craze of using water to enhance your skincare routine in my last ‘Do I Need’ blog post (which you can see here), it’s time to talk about the next addition to your regime which has debatable benefits.
In recent years electronic cleansing devices such as Clarisonic, Magnitone and FOREO have enveloped the beauty world. With a high end price tag, do they deliver high end results though? Whilst you can find devices which are under the £50 mark, you will also find a lot more which will set you back close to £100. They can come in a range of styles, such as the Magnitone (pictured) which is a brush and you can also get devices like the FOREO, which is made from silicone. 
Silicone cleansers are more hygienic than cleansing brushes, as they do not cling on to bacteria or dirt, which can be passed on to your skin if you do not replace the brush often enough. 

What Are the Benefits of a Cleansing Device?

Cleansing devices work in two basic ways to help benefit your skincare routine. Firstly, they remove the dead skin cells similar to the way a regular exfoliator would. By buffing the skin with a gentle brush, or silicone nubbins if you’re using a FOREO, the surface of the skin is cleared of dirt and grime, helping to reveal a fresher complexion. 
Secondly, cleansing devices help to regenerate your skin by using a vibrating motion to stimulate skin cells. As this also warms the surface of the skin, opening up pores, this means that moisturisers and serums penetrate the area faster and more effectively. The vibrations from both brush and silicone cleansers also help to jiggle the gunk from your pores to the surface.

Are Cleansing Devices Suitable for All Skin Types?

Not really. If you have sensitive skin then you’re going to want to proceed with caution, as they can irritate the skin surface. However, you can get FOREO devices which are tailored for more sensitive complexions. If you have spot prone skin then cleansing devices may be just what you’re after. As they do a much better and gentler job of cleaning your pores than washing your face with your hands, or a exfoliator, you can unclog pores much better, without damaging your skin with a harsh physical face wash.
Just like a mask or other treatment, it is recommended to use an electronic cleansing device twice to three times a week. Using every day may dry your skin out. On the flipside of that, I have found that when my skin is looking particularly dry and flakey, the cleansing devices do remove this rough skin like a dream. So really good on occasion for my dry, yet spot prone skin.

So, Do I Really Need One?

It’s safe to say that in my experience of using both a Magnitone and a FOREO on a regular basis, there definitely are results that are visible after use. My skin appeared clearer after a few weeks and as mentioned,
Yes, the price is quite high, but if you’re serious about skincare I would suggest popping one on to your Christmas list! 
Still not sold? Try out a manual facial cleansing brush (such as this one from the body shop) for a few weeks and see how you get on.