Do I Really Need: A Water Essence?

Welcome to a new little feature here on Hello Terri Lowe. A feature where we explore things you really need in your skincare routine and things that you… well, probably don’t. I say probably, as everyone’s skin needs are different and its not always a case of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to curating and refining your own skincare routine.
My skin, for example, is very dry yet spot prone. This is apparently quite rare, as every skincare product you’ll find for spots and blemishes is tailored towards oily skin and contains a range of skin drying ingredients. I went for years using all the wrong products and it’s only in the past 3 years or so I’ve finally drawn a line under the products that work for me. 
In this new series I’ll be keeping things fairly top level and looking more at the trends which have appeared in the beauty world to see if we really need it, or are there cheaper and sometimes better alternatives we already have available.
Kicking off this first post is a new kid on the block which many may see as a bit of a unnecessary step in their skincare routine, but let’s explore if it’s really worth it.

Introducing: Jurlique Water Essence

Taking inspiration from Korean Skincare, the Jurlique Water Essence takes the theory that applying skincare products to damp skin can enhance their effectiveness and bolster the results of your products to the next level. In Korean beauty you will find this type of product is usually called a patting water pack or splash mask, but they can go by many other names.
You’d use a product such as the Jurlique Water Essence after cleansing your skin, but before applying any serums or creams. Whilst this may seem strange to apply a water based product after you’ve cleansed, there is some science behind why this works and why it is an important part to integrate in to your skincare regime.
Jurlique have used Marshmallow within the formula for this water essence, which not only helps to calm the skin, but also attracts and retains water to really hydrate dry skin types.

But How Does The Water Help My Skincare Routine?

By applying your serum or moisturiser to your skin when your face is slightly damp you will help to lock in the moisture from the water. It’s as simple as that really.

It’s the same old thing you used to see on Baby Oil adverts, which used to tell you to apply the oil as soon as you got out of the shower or bath, as this would lock in the moisture. Same applies to your face and your facial skincare routine,

The benefits of using a product such as the Jurlique Water Essence come with the ingredients within the formula. With something like this, you not only get the hydration factor, but you also get the skin loving benefit of the Marshmallow Root Extract.

Is Using the Jurlique Water Essence Better Than a Toner?

This all depends on your skin type. For me, I can find toners tend to steer towards the dry side. A lot of them tend to contain alcohol, so always check the ingredients if you have a dry or sensitive skin type.
The key thing to take away from this post is that you should always apply your serums and moisturisers to damp skin to really make the most of the benefits of the products you’re applying. This small change will see you through the winter and also ensure that dryness remains at bay.