The Coffee Machine Upgrade

You know those mornings when you wake up and don’t quite feel like P Diddy and Ke$ha ends up being completely disappointed with you? Well, what if I told you that a simple coffee machine could help get that gangster in the morning feeling back in your life? 
That’s exactly how I feel now I have my new, upgraded, Dolce Gusto coffee machine in my life. With an aesthetic which is akin to some form of spaceship, this circular piece of coffee heaven wouldn’t look out of place in Snoop Doggs house in an episode of Cribs.

…Is Cribs still a thing?
For a while I have had my little ‘desktop’ Dolce Gusto machine, which cost me around £30 from Makro. Whilst is has been more than fit for purpose, it did niggle me a little bit that I had to manually flip the switch to let the water/coffee out and then manually turn it off. First world problems, eh?

First world problems are no more, thanks to the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee machine in Platinum Silver by De’Longhi, that I’ve been sent to review…

Clearly hearing my on-going internal moaning about having to switch the coffee switch myself on my previous machine, the chaps at Dolce Gusto sent me my brand new machine to try out. I kind of feel like this was a life changing move.

It certainly takes up a lot more room on the kitchen counter than my previous machine, but with a sleek, circular exterior it still looks pretty good. I’m still amazed by  the motion of the top half of the coffee machine opening when you press the ‘on’ button to be honest.

Holding more water than my previous machine, this also makes it far better. My smaller machine needed the water refilling pretty much after every cup. The De’Longhi coffee machine only needs refilling every 2-3 cups in comparison.

All the controls are touch sensitive, which confused me at first as I’m one of those people that never read instructions. You can alter the amount of liquid that comes out in to your cup by pressing up and down the bar sensors, then press the red drip to release the coffee.

There’s no pre-warming of the water, like my other machine and because you don’t need to stand watching it you can potter about doing other things (in the whole 5 seconds it takes to make your drink, haha). This is handy though, as I’ve let my previous machine run over several times before by accident!

You can get an abundance of coffee pods in a variety of flavours to enjoy in the machine. My favourite is the café au lait, as they’re the best value for money and you can mix up the flavour by adding your own coffee syrups to them anyway.

If you’re not a coffee fan, you can also get teas and other hot drinks such as Chai Latte, so they’re a lot more versatile than you first think!

You can pick this up and more coffee machines for Dolce Gusto pods by taking a look here.