24 Hours in Liverpool

For my birthday I wanted to do something a little low key, but fun. Liverpool is one of my favourite places to visit, especially around Christmas time, as their decorations are always next level compared to other cities!
For our hotel, I managed to book 30 James Street for only £70. On a Saturday night, you could be looking upwards of £200 for these AMAZING rooms, but as we went on a Sunday we got a lavish twin room with two double beds in for the bargain price of 70quid. My top tip for a UK city break is so try and go on a Sunday night, as this tends to be the cheapest. You also avoid the business of the restaurants and bars, like we did! 

With padded crushed velvet walls, luxurious silver furniture and even a jacuzzi bath in the bathroom, it’s safe to say that this budget price my no means negotiated the quality of the room. It was stunning. Really, really stunning. 

Each floor also has a theme in-keeping the RMS Titanic vibes, with the floor we stayed on being the ‘London’ one. There’s a range of room types to choose from too, from a massive Presidential Suite, through to Cabin Rooms, which look just like something from the Titanic film.
Needless to say, the hotel set us up for the 24hours ahead of us…
 To begin my official birthday celebrations, we’d booked in to The Baltic Social. This is a little bar tucked about 15minutes walk away from the hotel. I was SO excited for the Punk Afternoon Tea, however, they changed the one I’d previously spotted for a Christmas version, which also cost £5 more than the one I’d seen on the website a few weeks before I booked.

I found this menu to be not as appealing as the aforementioned one, but I suppose they are limited with what an Afternoon Tea can include for a Christmas theme. 
There was a Cheese Board on the bottom tier, which to be honest I found disappointing. For £25 per person, there were 4 crackers to share all of different varieties. Now, I don’t know if I’m being massively tight here, but when you have a Jacobs Cream Cracker and a Chedder, I’m sure they could have stretched to two each. Not only because of the toss up between who had what cracker, but also due to the fact there was loads of cheese left over and the special chutney. The chutney did taste lovely, mind.

The middle tier was the best one, which a selection that included a warm variety of buffet style favourites. A lovely scotch egg, mini burger, pigs in blankets; all spot on! 

But then we get to the top tier and disappointment struck again. The mince pie was clearer a shop bought one. But the brownie on the other hand was lovely again. It really was very hit and miss. Overall I’m not sure it was worth £50 for two people, when a lot of it was rather on the…. cheap side. It was also served with a glass of prosecco and a massive bowl of rosemary and garlic fries. I was expecting something a little more exciting than a load of cheap fries.  I mean, it really hurt my feelings to pay £50 in the end… Very much a stark contrast to our lavish hotel room! 

Anyway, the adventure continues…
We strolled around the edge of the city and found ourselves back at Liverpool 1. The multicoloured Christmas tree was so beautiful at night and as we approached it we realised there’s actually a bar at the base of it! 
We strolled in and found a seat straight away, sitting down to some warm apple and rum punch. The prices were really reasonable, when you expect Christmas market prices for such things. It was around £4 for each drink.  We warmed up in here before exploring a little more of the city via the Christmas bar close to the Albert Docks, where we once again had a delicious Christmas-y drink. Followed by a casual stroll to the Revolution by the Docks themselves for a last tipple before we headed back to the hotel.
For brunch the next day we went to one of my all time favourite Liverpool eateries; Luche Libre. Their brunch menu is a new thing, only being introduced in October time. We only discovered it after manically googling the night before for the best brunch in Liverpool, as I’d always just assumed they only do evening food.
I opted for the Full Mexican Breakfast, which was so large I could only eat half of it! For £7.95 you get a plate full of spicy eggs, avocado, maple glazed bacon, sausage patty and a chorizo and potato hash. Oh, as well as some mexican beans and toast that they had to put on a separate plate.
Each mouthful was packed full of flavour and I’ve been craving it every since. If you have the chance when you’re in Liverpool to head here, DO IT. Not just for brunch, but their evening menu is also absolutely delicious too.

All in all, the hotel and brunch definitely made up for the rather disappointing Afternoon Tea. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful, but really wasn’t worth the price. Especially when compared the the completely handmade and generous Wedgewood Afternoon Tea I’d had a few days before. 
I’m already looking forward to booking 30 James Street Hotel again. It was truly magical.

Whilst I’m on the subject of 24 hours in Liverpool, AccorHotels are actually having a competition to win a 9 night trip for two in a cute selection of cities! So count this in as my entry! You can find out more about the competition here!

*Disclaimer: this post is not in collaboration with any of the above companies. The entire trip was paid for by myself and the Accorhotels competition is me trying my luck!!