Block House at the Sheet Anchor

My good blogging friend Charl certainly has her nose to the ground when it comes to new places to eat in Stoke on Trent. She’s been harping on about the Block House at the Sheer Anchor for a while now, so the other day we decided to pop along and see what all the fuss is about.
Owned by the same people who run the ever-so-popular Orange Tree in Newcastle Under Lyme, the Block House boasts a range of meaty treats for all to eat. As soon as you walk through the door you comment on how fun it would be to be the person who threw all the meat cleavers in to the wall, whilst also being quietly impressed by the rest of the interior design. With a warming log fire in the centre of the restaurant and chopping boards hung on display; it’s definitely not a place to take any vegetarian friends in a hurry.

As we couldn’t decide what to have from the main menu, we went for my new favourite thing to do in new restaurants, and ordered a selection of starters as a main. I really like doing this, as you can get just a hint of everything they do and let’s face it – starters are always the highlight of any meal.

For my choices, I went for deep fried macaroni cheese balls, sweet potato fries and some little skewers of steak. The skewers came served on a hollow brick, which had embers from the fire still burning within to finish off the smoky flavour of the steak. Quite a novel idea, until the embers burn out and you’re choking on a bit of smoke for a few minutes… But it the flavour of the meats more than compensated for a little cough and splutter.

Charl chose Mac n’ Cheese for one of her side dishes and we have to admit, we were both blown away by the portion size. They could easily pop this on the main menu and charge twice the amount. For £4 you simply couldn’t go wrong to start with. Then you take and bite and it was honestly the most divine mac n’ cheese I have ever, ever, eaten. So, so good. I’d go back just for this!

Overall, the bill came to £18 each, for 3 starters a person and two rounds of soda water and lime – which is a fair enough price. My only real criticism of the restaurant was the seating arrangements. Unless you were in a booth, or on a larger table situated in the middle, the tables for 2 people were SO close together. When a couple sat next to us it genuinely felt like they’d just joined our meal. Also when squeezing in and out of the seats you cannot help but rub you bum along the table. No matter which angle you go at it. Granted, my butt is a rival to that of Beyonce’s, but it would be a lot more comfortable for everyone involved if they took out one table from the row and spaced them more freely. I would definitely request an alternative seat next time.