A Nutritional Brunch at The Yard, Alderley Edge

Is there anything better than heading out on a Sunday to have a brunch date? I’ve wanted to try The Yard in Alderley Edge since I saw That Squat Bot mentioned it a while ago. Despite being deemed a ‘healthy’ option, this didn’t put me off at all. In fact, I was intrigued to see if a nutritional brunch could really turn out to be a tasty brunch.

Nestled amongst the standard breakfast options of Eggs Benedicts and Avocado on Toast, the Nutritional Breakfast at The Yard stands out for the sheer variety you get on your plate for £9. Not only are you served 2 eggs in whichever way you like them to be cooked, but you also get the choice of peppered mackerel or smoked salmon, and the toast of your choice (as long as your choice is white, brown or rye). 
Alongside the above, you also have a helping of smashed avocado with a sun-blushed tomato on top, a little tub of sauerkraut and a little side salad. The only slightly disappointing thing for me was the last of nuts, seeds and berries which were featured on the menu description. I cannot tell if there were any berries included at all to be honest, but I had around 2 nuts and 3 seeds, which was a little disappointing. Despite that though, the eggs were poached to perfection and the selection on the plate was spot on. 
What I really liked about this breakfast idea is that you can layer the flavours up however you like. Smoosh the avo on your toast, have one bite with tangy sauerkraut and another with a bit of yolk from your egg… It’s kind of like having 5 breakfast choices in one. 
Whilst driving through Alderley Edge I did spot a few other places I think I need to visit for brunch. I mean, who knew there was an Alchemist there?! As well as The Railway, Bubbleroom and a few other lovely looking little places. 
Looks like myself, Emma, Sarah and Laura need to make brunch club a regular thing….