Essence: The Little X-Mas Factory Collection

I’ve had the Essence Little X-Mas Factory collection for a few weeks now, thanks to Tereza who bought it back for me from Prague. I’ve been meaning to blog about before Christmas, as you know, seasonal relevance and all that? Better late than never though, eh.

As anyone who knows me will know, I am a complete sucker for two things. The first is a bargain and Essence make up certainly falls under than category with nothing in the range costing more than around a fiver. The second thing I love is a cute, limited edition theme. Once again, Essence have delivered on that score too.

Essence products can be fairly hit and miss though and this collection is one of those where it has some proper stand out products and some which fall a little flat. Despite looking stunning, the eyeshadow palette is rather lacking when it comes to using it. With a very sheer application, the shades really don’t stand out when worn, however, it still does look amazing as part of my eyeshadow collection. Something a bit Kylie Jenner about that drip effect isn’t there?

My favourite products from the range are the gold eyeliner and the contouring palette. Both are the perfect hues for paler skin and you can use both daily without looking to over the top. The gold is a lovely subtle antique gold and the contouring shades are not the mucky brown a lot of the ones on the high street tend to be. 

I just really wish that the Essence Make Up stand would make a return to the Arndale Centre, as the stands in Wilko’s don’t tend to have the same limited edition goodness. Although I suppose it’s one excuse to go on holiday… To buy make up. Priorities and all that.