Fashion Blog: 3 Trends to Bring You in to Spring with Coliseum Leisure Park

Last weekend I was invited to Coliseum Shopping Park in Ellesmere Port, to take a little look at some of the key trends to bring us in to Spring. With a range of shops including River Island, Outfit and H&M, there’s a surprising amount of choice to explore. Whilst browsing, there were 3 key trends for Spring that seemed to be dominating the rails.

Trend 1: Embroidery

Embroidery first started to creep through around about this time last year, but there didn’t seem to be that many pieces openly available in stores at the time…. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s everywhere, like literally, everywhere. Each shop had so many amazing clothes which featured embroidery detail. Whether it’s delicately finishing with sequins and beads, or more bold and graphic on leather skirts – there’s embroidery everywhere! The only trouble is trying to work out which pieces to invest in…

Trend 2: Slogans Rock

Not only are slogan t shirts and jumpers pretty big right now, but there’s also a load of nods to ‘rock’ style around. Leather jackets, distressed details and laced up textures are just all over the shops. I personally love a nice bit of goff fashion, and the Divided range in H&M is always my favourite place to shop. So here’s hoping that the rock trend continues in to the Spring and Summer 2017. I picked up a distressed Mustard Yellow jumper whilst I was there and have lived in it since. I’m also obsessed with anything which has an ironic slogan on it, so looks like this trend is totally my cup of tea.

Trend 3: Applique

I am obsessed with applique details on all garments at the moment. I’m not sure what it is, but it actually brings a little bit of joy to my day. The great thing about applique detail is that it seems to work on any fabric. The bold, brash, sticker-like detail can give an edge to a cute dress, or add a bit of fun to a pin-stripe shirt. There’s loads of stuff around at the moment and even the cheesy quotes and details make me laugh.

Which trends are you looking forward to wearing more of this season?