Food Blog: Date Night at The Printworks Manchester

With so many things to eat, see and do in Manchester, in recent years it seems I’ve overlooked The Printworks as a destination to do pretty much… most things. Nestled down at the bottom of the city centre, just by the new tram stop and paralegal to Selfridges, The Printworks is a bustling building of food, drink, films and even a gym.
This weekend, we avoided the Valentines Day struggles and went to The Printworks to enjoy a relaxing date night without the sickly romance and overbooked restaurants. With the cold, wind and rain making the outside world pretty grim, there’s a lot to be said for enjoying a delicious meal and strolling INSIDE to the cinema. 
There are so many places to try in the Printworks that you never even realised where in there! Bierkeller, Wasabi, Hard Rock Cafe, Wagamama’s and even a bloody Wetherspoons. 

A taste of Thailand 

One place that I’ve wanted to try since it opened recently is Busaba – a Thai restaurant, which drew me in with the offering of Tom Kha on the menu. I’ve been desperately seeking Tom Kha since Tampopo took it off their menu and it’s my all time favourite dish. A slightly spiced, coconut broth with succulent chicken and glass noodles it just what you need on a chilly night and the Busaba version didn’t disappoint. Although granted, it could have done with a sprinkling of baby sweetcorn or some sugarsnap peas for crunch. Nevertheless, it was everything I had been dreaming of.

Busaba also have a range of specials available at the moment, which are almost too delicious to miss. Wild Black Pepper Venison is one of them. With rich, marinated strips of Venison stir fried with spring onion, chillis and garlic, the pairing of Jasmine Rice completes the dish. Considering the rich flavours, the dish overall was really fresh and light, which made it perfect if you’re thinking of following up with a dessert. 
After a delicious meal, we then trotted across to the Odeon in the Printworks to watch T2 Trainspotting. I was 11 when the first one came out, and I remember going to town with my friend and using my pocket money to buy the Underworld single on cassette. Only to take it back 10 minutes later after I decided I wanted a cheapo tamagotchi instead. Showcasing in itself that I certainly wasn’t old enough to watch the actual film.

First there was an opportunity……then there was a betrayal

T2 is exactly what you expect and what you need from the original Trainspotting cast. It’s hard to write about a film without giving away the entire plot. but I walked away thinking about how brilliant and relevant it all is to 2017. With so many people living their life in the nostalgia of the past still so prevalent, Trainspotting 2 takes all the essence of the first film and does what so many of us adults tend to do nowadays – bring everything back to the past. Everything is better in hindsight, huh?
With a cracking soundtrack throughout and moments that inspire feelings you didn’t know you had, it’s a must see; especially after you’ve re-watched the first.
So, if you’re looking for a place for a date and neither of you can decide what to eat or what to see, just head to The Printworks, where you can make a decision on the day; without suffering the cold chill of the high street.