Beauty Blog: barn//it Manchester Review: A Hair and Cocktail Experience!

barn//it Manchester Review

This is the first of two posts all about the new wonder-hairdressers on the block – barn//it in Manchester. After being invited to have my hair done at the three story realm of hair and beauty, which is tucked just up John Dalton Street, I’ve not stopped swooshing and swishing my new fiery locks.

In this post I’m just going to go through the actual review of the experience. In the next one I’ll tell you all about why you need to choose the L.A Weave as the extension application method you go for next. 

If you’ve ever strolled down John Dalton Street, you will have no doubt noticed the neon pink sign, glowing from the front window of New Church House. Whenever I mentioned I was going to have my hair done at barn//it this was the first thing people said…
”ooooh the one with the neon sign! It looks SO cool in there!!”

And cool it is.
You walk in to the door to find the standard row of salon chairs, with the addition of some quirky, contemporary art from Real Housewives of Cheshire star Stacey Forsey on the back wall. To your left you then noticed the spiral staircases, which lead you to the downstairs styling room – which is once again filled with the standard hairdressers set up. You might even notice the odd cocktail in front of the never-ending stream of customers having their hair styled and designed (I say never-ending, as I’ve never walked past and seen it empty). It’s not until you venture further in, that this labyrinth of a location really starts to come to life.

stacey forsey art space
Through the door at the back of the salon, you are met with the first beauty room. This is where they provide anything from facials to brows and a bit of everything in-between. With a full range of Guinot products to play with, you can enjoy an expert experience with the in-house beauty consultant who will provide a tailored service, just for you.
As you go up the stairs, the charm of the heritage building comes to life, with the barn//it ‘colours’ adding a modern day twist. When you reach the first floor, you will see why barn//it stands out as an experience, rather than just being yet *another* beauty salon. 

The first floor of barn//it is home to their soon to be infamous cocktail and nail bar.

Yep, that’s right. Cocktails (and nails)…

Whilst you have your hair, nails or beauty treatment done, you can enjoy one of the AMAZING cocktails, made just for you in the in-house bar. 
barn//it Manchester Review
barn//it is all about the experience and wants to make every client look and feel awesome. After my espresso martini and peachy cocktail number, I certainly did feel awesome – but maybe that was down to my hair transformation too? 
Colour Specialist Natasha performed what I can only describe as a work of art, on my very own head. It’s been so long since I’ve had my hair done at the hairdressers, that I forgot what a fresh dye-job and set of extensions can feel like. 
I can tell you now though – it feels bloody wonderful.

4 hours in a chair on a Friday night and I couldn’t be happier. 

Using a blue-toned red for the roots and mid-lengths, Natasha blended in a beautiful copper toned red, down in to a peachy, lighter shade. My hair is literally the colours of the fire emoji. When I presented Natasha with my Beauty Works extensions, I was a little concerned that my request to match my hair to them was too ambitious. Clearly at this point I didn’t know that Natasha was a hair magician.
Dying my hair and the extensions at the same time, she managed to create everything I had in mind and more. The blending of both the colours and the extensions is just flawless. 
barn//it has only been open a short while and it’s already a favourite amongst Manchester Bloggers, celebrities and locals alike. After my visit I can see why.

As mentioned at the start of the post, I will do a follow up all about the method used to attach the hair extensions and also why the L.A Weave is the best method for my hair. 
barn//it Manchester Review
For now, go and follow barn//it and Natasha on Instagram to keep in the loop of the hair-related goodness.
Visit the barn//it website here.

*Disclaimer: I was invited to review the services and experience at barn//it and provided hair extensions from Beauty Works myself.