Beauty Blog: What is an L.A Weave?

I’ve been wearing hair extensions permanently attached to my head for a good 4 years now. My hair was never thin in the first place, but it just wouldn’t grow. No matter which lotions and potions I use, it sits at the same length. 
I usually apply my hair extensions myself, by using single wefts and 4-6 micro rings across the length. This probably makes little sense if I’ve not actually shown you in person. I probably wouldn’t recommend someone does this themselves, as it’s taken years of practice for me to get it right. And also I’m not a bloody hairdresser, so it’s all been guess work!
In the past I’ve had a ‘original’ weave, where they plait a really tight plait, close to your scalp. The pain was incredible, and not in a good way.  It hurt when it was being done, ached for about 2 weeks afterwards and only lasted around a month before it started to somehow ‘sag’.
When I visited Barn//It in Manchester, we discussed the best way for a weft of hair to be attached and it turns out that a traditional weave application just isn’t suitable for my hair type. Natasha immediately recommended the L.A Weave, using my Beauty Works Extensions.

What is an L.A Weave though?

It’s where a series of micro rings (or micro beads) are placed in a straight line along your hair, close to the scalp. Each one is spaced a few milometers apart. They’re applied by threading a small section of hair through a small bead, which is then squished with pliers to hold it in place. Once these are applied the weft of hair can then be sewn in to them.

How long does an L.A Weave take?

It took around an hour to apply, style and trim my extensions. So quite a quick process versus the hours it can take to painfully apply individual bonds. Especially if you’re having a full head done!

How long does an L.A Weave last?

You will find that re-growth will start after around a month, and then you’ll need to have them tightened after around 3 months. If you buy good quality hair it would be a case of having them re-done at the salon, rather than splashing out the full £200+ each time. You’d just need to pay for the row application. You will want them changing in position slightly each time, as the hair may become matted if it grows into the micro bead.

Where can I get an L.A Weave?

Well, Barn//It of course! Over the past few months I emailed several hairdressers, who all claimed to be ‘extensions experts’ – but hadn’t even heard of an L.A Weave… Bit strange being an expert in something and not know an innovative method, which people would really benefit from isn’t it! 
Prices can vary, but generally you’re looking at anything from £20-£40 per row to apply the hair. The cost of the hair is additional to this. Beauty Works hair extensions can cost you anything from £100-£200, but from experience they are the highest quality and you can wear them full time in your hair for around 6 months if you look after them. 
Overall, the L.A Weave is the most comfortable method of hair extension application I’ve experience. It didn’t hurt at all to apply, it didn’t ache afterwards and because of the even distribution of hair you can have more rows applied without it pulling or weighing your hair down.