Food Blog: Learning to Love Italian Food with Broadway Casino, Birmingham

Restaurant in Broadway Casino, Birmingham

One of my favourite things to do is eat. 

From KFC, to the latest culinary addition to the Northern Quarter, I will eat anything (apart from mushrooms or wasabi).
One type of food that I have never *chosen* to indulge in, is Italian. In fact, if friends said they were going for an Italian, I’d usually have an excuse to back out. It’s not that I don’t like Italian food. In fact, pasta dishes are among my favourite, but there’s just something about going to an Italian restaurant that I felt a little… ‘Meh’ about. 
I can’t even explain to you why this is. As in the past I’ve done several Italian food reviews and rarely had a negative word to say about the food. Yet still had the ‘meh’ attitude.

That was until I experienced not only the best Italian meal I’ve ever had, but one of the best meals I’ve ever had, at the Broadway Casino in Birmingham.

This unlikely location for an Italian restaurant was utterly magical experience, from start to finish.
As soon as we stepped foot in to the Casino, the staff were effortlessly welcoming. From the initial host, through to the restaurant staff. Roberto, who led us to our seats was an Italian gent, with years of restaurant and food experience up his sleeve. Every dish which we were served came with a history as rich as the flavours.

It was almost like you could taste the passion that had gone in to the food. The way Roberto spoke about the culinary creations reinforced that everything on the menu was chosen due to the quality of the food.

Restaurant in Broadway Casino, Birmingham

After enjoying a delicious selection of hand-picked meats, which all had that beautiful ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture, we chose our starters. For mine, I went for the Goats Cheese Salad, which mentioned Balsamic Vinegar on the menu, which immediately appealed to me. The dish I was served excelled expectations, despite those expectations being very high already…
Not only was the Goats Cheese the most deliciously delicate, but tangy flavour, but the Walnuts served with the salad were the most unusual thing I’ve tried for a while. Complimenting the creamy texture, the walnuts were glazed in a sweet, caramel coating. It was perfection in every mouthful.

Between courses, we were treated to a limoncello based palate cleanser, which led us on to the main attraction…

Restaurant in Broadway Casino, Birmingham

Despite being in an Italian restaurant and feeling like I should have tried a pasta dish, I was just craving a big, juicy steak and ordered an 8oz Sirloin from the main menu.

And a big, juicy steak was just what I got.

I have never had such a tender and moreish piece of meat. The seasoning was delicious, with the right amount of salt and garlic, and you can even see the perfect marbling of fat within the meat in the above image. I was succulent, it was effortless to cut and it was the peppercorn sauce was the perfect accompaniment.
The steak was served with a selection of seasonal veg and potato dauphinoise. Even writing about it has got me craving the entire meal again! I cannot even describe how incredible the flavour was, with every single mouthful.

Before we were served our dessert, we experienced some Italian Grappa. Grappa is a traditional ‘digestivo’ (after-dinner drink) and we were served ours paired with a square of chocolate. We were also advised to save a drop to add to our after-dinner espresso, which came at the end of our meal.

Grappa is a flavour akin to Brandy and for me, it was a little too strong to drink neat – especially when we’d been drinking sweeter beverages like limencello and prosecco cocktails throughout. However, when mine was paired with the hazelnut chocolate, it added another flavour to the drink, which helped me to drink it I must admit!

For dessert I had a few scoops of traditional gelato. Despite being full enough to burst, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some authentic Italian gelato! I chose pistachio, hazelnut and coconut to finish my meal. Pistachio is one of my favourite flavours and whenever I spot a pistachio ice cream or gelato I have to try it.  This one ranks highly, with an indulgently rich texture, offset by the delicate nutty flavour. Served with liquor soaked maraschino cherries, which were proudly imported in from Italy, they were like little bubbles of tangy, delicious cherry heaven.

Even with a tremendously full stomach, this was the perfect way to end the meal.


I have not stopped telling people about the experience of the Restaurant at Broadway Casino! It was simply stunning from start to finish. As mentioned, the staff and Roberto were so welcoming and attentive, providing not just a meal but an experience from start to finish. 
The food was amazing and the prices on the menu are reasonable. As well as the main menu, they also offer a range of set menus, with prices ranging from £12.50 per person for a Canapé menu, through the £30 per person for the ‘King Experience’ – You can discover more about that by clicking here.
Located down the bottom of Broad Street, opposite the new Park Regis hotel, it is a little bit of a jaunt from the city centre – but I assure you; it’s worth it.