UK Festival Blog: 5 Ways to Prepare for Download Festival 2017

It’s only a month until Download Festival 2017 is upon us. Possibly one of the best festivals in the UK, if not the best Rock Festival, ever, Download is pinned as the ‘Spiritual Home of Rock’ set at Donnington Park each year.
If you’ve never been (or if you’ve been slightly unprepared in the past), you may need a few tips to survive the weekend. 
Imagine that Andrew WK did a live festival show, which took you through his major tracks. You start ready to Party Hard, but in fact you Party Until You Puke, then you feel like you’re Ready To Die and with all the rain and the whole event is finished with a heavy rendition of I Get Wet.

Unfortunately Andrew WK isn’t on the line up this year, but don’t let that deter you. You can find out who is actually playing here.

After going to Download and a few other festivals in my time, here are 5 tips to prepare for a weekend of partying at this year’s event:

PACK WATERPROOF CLOTHING, AND WEAR IT. The first Download I went to, there wasn’t a welly or raincoat in sight. I suppose the weather was alright back in 2003, but nowadays it doesn’t rain, it bloody pours. 
Here’s some stats from last year’s rainfall, just in case you doubted me:
Make sure you take more than one raincoat if possible, Last year I had to admit defeat on the Sunday evening and didn’t even finish my Kraken. Boooo. If I’d taken a spare coat though, I would have been laughing. 

Take a look at my Download 2016 Round Up Video by clicking  >> HERE

In fact – grab your Grandad’s wheelbarrow if he has one spare.

The car park can be a little bit of a walk, so getting something with sturdy wheels is a God-send. Especially if there is some mud about. It’s not all bad news though, as a lot of Download is on race tracks and roads, so you do feel solid ground now and again.
DECANT THAT ALCOHOL. It’s always amazing how many people don’t check the rules before they go to a festival?! Remember, at most, if not all UK festivals, you’re not allowed glass bottles. That means you have decant it in to empty lemonade bottles, or if you’re feeling fancy, some stainless steel flasks. Don’t be a dick and get your 1ltr bottle of J├Ąger confiscated before you get to the campsite.
CRACK OUT A PLAYLIST AND LISTEN TO IT NON-STOP. There’s no better way than getting your freak on with a pre-festival playlist. CLICK HERE to listen to my on-going Download Festival playlist on Spotify for 2017. I always start off with a few tracks, then by the time I’m in the car on the way to the festival, there’s not enough time on the journey to listen to them all.

And finally…

DON’T BE A DICK. This one can take a lot of preparation from some folk, but if you are a dick, you’re going to want to prepare yourself to not be a dick for Download weekend. It is by far, the nicest festival I have been to in terms of people. Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere just makes you feel, really, well… nice? Which is probably a little strange considering the aggression on the stages. If you’re a dick, you’re going to stand out, for the wrong reasons. So do yourself a favour.