Music Blog: Slam Dunk Festival 2017, Midlands

Festival season is now in full swing-a-ding-dong. Despite the terrible, terrible events in Manchester over the last few weeks, music venues and music fans across the country are uniting and telling the scum that hurt so many to just FUCK OFF. You’re not going to scare the UK out of having fun and coming together at venues to have a good time. I’ll admit, when it came to attending Slam Dunk Festival, which is my first big event this summer, I was sightly nervous. No matter how much you want to enjoy it, you do still have it in the back of your mind, don’t you? Especially when it’s all still so raw and real. 
Despite the initial nerves though, I can categorically say that once I was there I felt so safe. Every venue and event is taking security so, so seriously and with the visible security both inside and outside of the NEC in Birmingham, you were assured throughout the day.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to Slam Dunk 2017 itself. What. A. Day!

The sun was shining, the punk-rock was out in full force and everyone was in excellent spirits. Downing my 5th pint by 5pm, this one-day festival hits 3 locations throughout its annual run. Slam Dunk Midlands was the first on the list this Saturday, with Leeds and London to follow.
As I’d not been before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. With 8 stages packed to the brim with musical goodness, I actually expected each stage to be really small?! I was so wrong…. When I walked in to the Fireball Stage I actually thought it was the main stage because it was so huge! And each stage and area was pretty packed throughout the day.
My favourite stage was the aforementioned Fireball stage. I think most people who were there who were 30+ would probably agree actually. Back in the day, when I first started going to rock clubs, most nights would consist of a great deal of skanking to bands like Goldfinger, Zebrahead and Bowling for Soup. In fact, the only thing that would have completed this experience would have been the addition of checkered slip on Vans and some baggy cords.

The stand-out performance from the entire day was The Bronx. I’ve seen them so many times before, both as The Bronx and their Mexican pseudonym Mariachi El Bronx – and every time they’ve been awesome.

This time they took over the Signature Brew stage outside at Slam Dunk 2017. You’ve probably seen on my Instagram the ridiculous pictures I got with singer, Matt Caughthran when he performed most of the set within the crowd.  Yeah, I was that annoying girl.

After experiencing my first Slam Dunk Festival  I am literally itching for next years already! For around £50 a ticket it’s definitely worth it if you’ve not been to a festival before, or want all of the pop-punk fun without sleeping in a tent at the end of the day.