Travel Blog: 48 Hours in Berlin (Day One)

It may come as a shock to some people, but at the grand age of 31 I’ve only actually been on a plane once before in my life. That changed last weekend though, and I bought the grand sum of plane adventures up to TWO now, with my recent trip to Berlin.
When it came to planning this trip, we kind of… Didn’t plan properly. Wanting a real *adventure* we simply booked the hotel and hopped on the plane. We had a little look at creating an itinerary beforehand… but it all kind of went to pot when it came to following it. However, it all turned out okay in the end.
Leaving from Manchester at lunchtime on the Saturday, we got to the 25 Hours Bikini Hotel in Berlin at around 6pm. This was after much confusion over the trains from the airport. Every time we googled the route it changed transport method and time each time – which isn’t ideal when you’re already a bit lost!

Thankfully, the 25 Hours Hotel is right next to Berlin Zoo, so we quickly stopped being complete idiots and got on the train to ‘Zoologischer Garten’. The train took around 50 minutes from Schoenefeld airport. Through the journey we spotted some places we noted for exploration in the following days and felt a little more reassured that we could pretend we knew what we were doing by the time we arrived at our destination for the next three nights.

As you can see in the pictures and in the video, the hotel was fantastic. We dropped on a deal which allowed us to bag it for around £50 per night. Our flights we also £50 for the return – meaning the cost was only £200 in total. I used to spend more than that commuting to work each month!!

After a small exploration and a rest on the Saturday evening, we woke up refreshed and ready to adventure Sunday morning – starting with the Zoo! Situated right behind our hotel, we ventured out at around 9am (after a hearty breakfast, of course).

Costing 14euros entry, the prices are a lot cheaper than Chester Zoo, which can set you back £24 for an adult ticket. I felt that Berlin Zoo was slightly better than Chester, but some people have disagreed with me! Maybe you’ll have to go yourself and see though… If you’ve never been before that is.

From the Zoo we hopped on the underground and went to see the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and spent a few hours in and around that area. Walking up to Bradenburg Gate and across to Bunstag, we absorbed the rich history before finding ourselves by the ‘spree’.

After a quick Google, we then walked up to the next Underground station and used our day ticket to travel up to the Berlin Wall…

And yes, we’re still on the same day here! By this point it was around 4.30pm….

Shortly after arriving at the wall, it began to rain – which was typical, as it was at the point where we were the furthest away from any shops or raincoats we’d been so far, Don’t get me wrong though, the weather to this point, and the next day was amazing though (despite rain being forecast).

Admitting defeat, we went back on the train (or tram? Or underground? I’ve still no idea) and went in to the Natural History Museum. This cost us 9euros, which I was a little unsure about, as in the UK we obviously get our museums for free. I quickly realised that we hadn’t accidentally paid for some kind of exhibition and this was just the entry cost and we pondered around.

After becoming increasingly hungry and tired, we then went about another two stops up the road to find our culinary adventure for the evening.

Recommended on Twitter, The Bird, Berlin is a burger place. Which serves the most juicy, delicious burgers I’ve had for a while. Served with pimped up Chilli Cheese Fries and Shot of Jager, this was the perfect way to end quite a tiring day!

And that was about it for Day one!

To get back to our hotel from The Bird, was a short walk and one train back through Berlin. So a nice, relaxed end to the day.
Overall, the travel cost us a total of €3.70, and the cost of ‘things’ was pretty in-line with England. The meal at The Bird was around £20/each including drinks. The only weird difference is the price of beer versus soft drinks and you’d often see people just casually walking around with a bottle of beer in the hand. It just works out a bit cheaper! Which probably explains the beer belly I returned home with.
Day two to follow shortly…