Collaboration: Whiskas Kitten Kollege Career Day

With Stevie now past the point of needing his kitten food and Kitty being an adult cat for a while now, it’s time to sit them down and have a good talk about their future.
Getting off to a rocky start in the household, Stevie has now settled in and starting to take mine and Kitty’s talks a bit more seriously. For example – he no longer actually steals sweet potato off my plate when I’m eating it.
Whiskas contacted me recently, to let them (and you) know the future path of my little feline friends. What does their future career hold? Whilst having a kitten is a really exciting time for all, it’s important to think about if you really can look after a cat for life.

Do you think Kitty and Stevie are destined to succeed in their chosen careers?

Let’s find out….

Age: 7 years
Career: Singer of an Emo Band

An unlikely career path for a cat who often shy’s away from the limelight, but taking inspiration from emo icons such as Gerard Way and that bloke from Panic! At the Disco, Kitty is destined for emo band stardom. 
Kitty’s sky is crying stars and she has already written some killer emo anthems, ready to perform on the big emo stage. Working titles include:

  • I Write Meows Not Tragedies
  • Panic at the Litter Tray
  • Sick Transit Paw-ria (Glory Fades)

Whilst it may take a while for Kitty to arrange some gigs and hit the stage, she is looking in to setting up her own YouTube channel to showcase her unique talents.

Age: 8 months
Career: Dog Impersonator 
With sightly feral personality traits, Stevie loves a good midnight storm of the house, alongside a knocking as many items off shelves that he can in the process. 
When they say his ‘bark is worse than his bite’ they are not lying. Stevie comes across as an aggressive little canine at times, but is often found cuddling and looking… well, pretty damn cute. Especially at feeding times.
Despite this rebellious side, he is also highly trained in the art of ‘sitting for a treat’ – much like our canine friends. As of yet, he cannot rollover, or give a ‘paw’ but we are hopeful that with further training and development he will achieve his dream of being a professional Dog Impersonator.

Stevie the cat hello terri lowe

This post was written in collaboration with Whiskas Cat Food. Take a look at their YouTube channel and website to see more from the cutest kollege on earth – the Whiskas Kitten Kollege! All career paths and words in this post are my own.