Music Blog: LEEDS Festival Drinks Pairing

We’ve already decided what we’re drinking for Download Festival this weekend, so it’s time to start planning our Leeds Festival drinks menu isn’t it?

Leeds Festival is a little more summery than our Download usually is. I mean, last year was non-stop rain and a little bit cold, so we needed the harder stuff to warm our cockles. This year looks set to be the same…

Leeds is quite a warm one though and even if it does rain, there’s usually a bit of sun to dry you out at some point.

With this in mind, let’s look at our drinks and band pairing for Leeds Festival 2017!

Bastille // A Damn Fine Coffee

Every time I’ve seen Bastille they’ve come out to the Twin Peaks theme tune. They also have a song called Laura Palmer. Keep the connections strong by enjoying a damn fine coffee to kick off your drinks pairing menu.

Billy Talent // Rum and Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Billy Talent are coming all the way in from Canada, so obviously we need a lovely Canada Dry Ginger Beer. As they’re on later in the evening you’ll have probably drunk quite a bit already, which may be knocking you a bit sick?  Solution? Ginger settles a sickly tummy, so this one is also a wise way to wind down your day drinks.

Liam Gallagher // A Can of Boddingtons

Manchester.  No explanation needed.

HAIM // Crooked Alcoholic Soda (pictured)

I got sent these the other day and JUST LOOK AT THE CANS. They’re also so delicious and light that they’re perfect to pair with HAIM Los Angeles vibes. They’re pretty much like bringing a bit of sun in a can with you.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes // Cornish Rattler Cider

Don’t ever let it be said that I don’t know how to do a good play on words. Also, cider at a festival is pretty much standard.

Eminem // A Fifth of Vodka (and coke, optional)

I won’t dare you to drive,but being the only drink I can think of that Eminem references in any of his songs, this just makes sense. I would personally mix it with a tone of Coke, because Vodka ain’t my jam.

What other drinks would you pair with the line up at Leeds Festival this year?

If you don’t get drunk on the August Bank Holiday weekend, did you even have a bank holiday weekend at all?