Music Blog: Bloodstock Drink Pairing with Kraken Rum

Ah festival season, how I love you xoxox

Not only is it an awesome excuse to sit in a field on a sunny day and enjoy some bands, but it’s also a great excuse to get a lil’ bit squiffy on your favourite beverages.

As the previous Drinks Pairing posts have proven – there is a drink for every occasion and genre when it comes to festival music mixology.

One of the next festivals on my agenda is Bloodstock, and it was only natural that I enlisted the help of Kraken Rum to come up with an entire drinks menu for whole weekend. Kraken are going to be the life and soul of the fields at Bloodstock Festival, with their very own Freaky Tiki bar!

Of course, Bloodstock isn’t for everyone. I mean….It’s all a bit metal. But if you’re a mini-mosher like me then you will bloody love it.

If you can’t get to the Kraken Freaky Tiki bar at Bloodstock festival, here’s a DIY twist on some of the drinks they may be serving up.

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Cider: Poison Apple 

STEP 1 – Fill glass with cracked ice
STEP 2 – Add 20ml lemon juice
STEP 3 – Add 20ml ginger syrup
STEP 4 – Pour in 35ml Kraken
STEP 5 – Top with cider
STEP 6 – Add lime wedge

Festival Version

STEP 1 – Pop a generous measure of Kraken in to your plastic cup
STEP 2 – Throw in some Ginger Ale
STEP 3 -Add a dash of lime cordial
STEP 4 -Top with your favourite can of cider (which you definitely would have packed a 24pack of)
STEP 5 – Party.

Spritz: Ink Spritz 

STEP 1 – Add crushed ice to a large wine glass
STEP 2 – Add rhubarb soda until glass is 2/3 full
STEP 3 – Pour 35ml lillet
STEP 4 – Add 35ml of Kraken
STEP 5 – Add rhubarb stem and stir
STEP 6 – Add orange slice

Festival Version

STEP 1 – Grab your plastic wine glass
STEP 2 – Add some Rhubard Soda
STEP 3 – Add a splash of Martini Vermouth (I had to google Lillet cuz I thought it was a tampon)
STEP 4 – Throw in some Kraken!
STEP 5 – Down in one, or sip in the sun. It’s up to you.

Punch: Octo-Punch

STEP 1 – Fill hurricane glass with ice
STEP 2 – Add 20ml lemon juice
STEP 3 – Add 20ml orange liqueur
STEP 4 – Add 35ml of Kraken
STEP 5 – Add cold black tea
STEP 5 – Stir
STEP 6 – Top with crushed ice
STEP 7 – Add lemon twist

Festival Version

STEP 1 – Grab that trusty plastic pint cup
STEP 2 – Splash in some Contreau
STEP 3 – A generous measure of Kraken
STEP 4 – Top up with lemon flavoured Lipton Iced Tea

Of course, all alcohol or drink that comes in a glass bottle you’ll need to decant in to suitable bottles. As per every festival, ever.

These options certainly make a change from the endless cans of cider and lager, huh?

If you’re not so metal and have no interest in Bloodstock as a festival, then you can at least admire that they have a stage dedicated to Sophie Lancaster. A girl who was brutally murdered for looking ‘different’ a few years ago. If you’re a beauty fan, you will also notice that the make up brand Illamasqua sponsor a charity dedicated to her memory called ‘The Sophie Lancaster Foundation’. The aim of both is to reduce hate crime and focus on respect and understanding of subcultures within society. You can read more about the foundation by clicking here.