Food Blog: Afternoon Tea at Lost & Found Birmingham

Is there anything more civilised than an Afternoon Tea? 

Probably not.
After a few heavy weekends on the lash, last Saturday I went for a completely different change of pace. Charl, Tereza and I had a lovely, relaxing afternoon in Lost & Found, Birmingham. 
The building for Lost & Found itself it fairly pretty. One of those old, historical locations with a few modern twists. Keeping a lovely ‘secret garden’ vibe, there’s even rumour of a speak-easy style bar through the secret bookcase.

Afternoon Tea in Birmingham

I have found that I’m a little bit fussy when it comes to Afternoon Tea. I’m one of those people that likes the classics to be just classic and the twists to be full blown twists. (For example, last time I went for an an afternoon tea with a ‘twist’ I ended up paying £50 for an Afternoon Tea for two at The Baltic Social in Liverpool to be met by shop bought mince pies and the twist was that some chips had rosemary seasoning on, ergh).

When it came to Afternoon Tea at Lost & Found though, it was just the right balance of classic and twists in the two options we tried….

Afternoon Tea at Lost & Found came in two forms:

Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea which had the following on it: Crispy chicken & chorizo baguette, Glazed ham & house chutney baguette, Egg, mustard & cress sandwich, Pork Scotch egg Pork scratchings, chilli jam, alongisde Popcorn tiffin and Fruit scones, clotted cream & jam.
And just the Afternoon Tea, which consisted of: Smoked salmon, Hendrick’s cucumber & cream cheese sandwich, Mozzarella, avocado & semi-dried tomato pesto sandwich, Egg, mustard & cress sandwich alongside a Feta, red onion & honey pastry with Popcorn tiffin, Earl Grey panna cotta, Raspberry, trifle and fruit scones for sweets.
Both options come with the tea of your choice.
We ended up having a mixture of both Afternoon Tea’s but I did feel like the Gentlemen’s Afternoon tea gave a little more bang for your buck. 
I really enjoyed the baguettes and scotch eggs, but I must admit – the popcorn tiffin left me so disappointed. I’m just not a fan of it and there seemed like a mountain to chomp through! A little more variation would have been a bit nicer, but if you’re a fan of tiffin then it’s definitely the one for you! Not only that, but the scones we so hard they literally crumbled as soon as your knife touched them. Which was a little disappointing but something I can easily get over in lieu of the delicious savoury elements of the food.
The standard afternoon tea would have been perfect for any sandwich and scone lover, if it wasn’t served against the gentleman’s afternoon tea. It had all the elements there, but the flavours experienced in the gentleman’s afternoon tea overpowered any impact the standard option presented. 

The Gentlemen’s Afternoon tea was packed full of flavour with a much wider (and better) variety of food to choose from! I could eat most of this again and again…. I mean, I’m still craving those chicken and chorizo baguettes now. The scotch eggs were packed full of flavour and served slightly warm, with a runny yolk. Perfection your hand right there.
Overall it was a lovely afternoon, in a great location. It’s worth a visit if only for those scotch eggs, so pop along next time you’re in Birmingham and give it a little try for yourself. If only for those baguettes. 
I’m looking forward to heading back to Lost & Found in the future to have a little taste of their cocktail menu.. So much for those civilised weekends, huh? 😉