Food Blog: Beefeater Bar + Block Steakhouse, Birmingham


Beefeater Bar + Block Steakhouse, Birmingham

Whenever I think of Beefeater I always think of those horrible chain pubs with no character or personality. I’m not sure why, as to be honest I cannot recollect a time I have ever actually visited a Beefeater restaurant in my life, but I think it is the one that used to have a Bear as a mascot isn’t it? Well if it was, times have certainly changed and the Beefeater Bar + Block Steakhouse in Birmingham has done a sterling effort of breaking my silly preconceptions of the franchise! Granted, this version isn’t like your standard Beefeater Grill and is a slightly ‘posher’ version, but they still serve a variety of classics, alongside it’s main attraction. And that main attraction comes the form of STEAK.



I visited the restaurant a few weeks ago with my bloggy pal Tereza from Cityscape Bliss (You can see a vlog of the day over on my YouTube channel here). By the time we’d done some shopping we were feeling pretty ravenous, so as soon as we sat down we ordered a cocktail each and the waiter bought over some of the meaty flavoured popcorn, which was highly addictive from the first bite. Before we even looked at the mains menu we spotted the intriguing Chicken Wings, which came in a BBQ, Raspberry and Tabasco sauce. If there’s one thing I love it’s a contradiction of flavours, so these were straight on the waiters list to bring to our table. We did decide to share the starter, but in retrospect it would have been better to go for one each. When eating to yourself it was an adequate portion, but when sharing the size was probably just under ‘enough’ and you got 2 wings each. The sauce itself was nice. It has a little bit of a kick with a tangy, fruity flavour. I’d definitely guzzle these down again all to myself.



For main course, well, I simply had to go for a steak didn’t I? A 10oz Sirloin Steak to be exact. Served with a side order of sweet potato fries which had a sprinkling of goats cheese and chorizo on the top. Good God, I am drooling just at the thought of that combination. It raised so many questions, such as WHY THE HELL HAVE I NEVER COMBINED GOATS CHEESE AND CHORIZO BEFORE? The sweetness of the fries also added to the amazing experience eating this side order of deliciousness was.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the side view of my steak? This juicy, juicy bad boy was possible one of the most delectable pieces of meat I have ever put in to my mouth. The knife glided through like butter and the texture was the epitome of melt-in-your-mouth.
I only have one criticism of the meal which comes in the form of the Chimichurri sauce which I had on the side of the plate. This was probably my own mistake though, as I thought Chimichurri was a spicy sauce, where as this was a powerful garlic taste. I don’t usually mix well with garlic, so after a few attempts at eating it I left it be. However, with a steak so succulent it was almost a crime to even think about having a sauce with it anyway.


For Dessert I chose some Lemon Sorbet to take the edge off the garlic flavour that was residing in my mouth. No matter what the meal, or however filling, there is always room for a light, refreshing sorbet.

Overall, the experience at Beefeater Bar + Block in Birmingham has swayed me in to trying more of the Beefeater restaurants and has certainly altered my opinion of the Beefeater name as a whole! Not only was the food excellent, but the service was quick and friendly, with the waiter not realising until the end that we were there for review purposes. Prices are about average for a steak eatery, with the cuts of meat setting you back between £11.95 for a basic rump, up to £24.95 for the different fillets.