Choosing the Right Style Glasses For My Face Shape

Being blessed with my chubby little cheeks and -6 optical prescription, I often turn to contact lenses for my daily dose of sight.

There are two main reasons for this:
1: Once your prescription is over anything from -3/+3 it starts to distort your face shape where your glasses sit. Providing your very own, real life snapchat filter.
2: With my face shape it is incredibly hard to compliment the ‘snapchat filter’ effect with the right style of glasses.

And those two points go without mentioning that the price of stylish and quality glasses on the UK high street is absolutely shocking in some opticians!
Nonetheless, after 15yrs of needing glasses full time, I think I’ve finally nailed it.

glasses from glasses usa

With these beautiful Wayfarer style frames from Glasses USA, they not only suit my face shape, but even the -6 lenses don’t look quite as extreme as they usually would. 
It seems that the bigger the lens area, the less impact it has on the ‘zoomed in’ effect. Although don’t get me wrong, there’s still quite the zoom when looking at my face/glasses straight on!
If we also take into account the price, which is currently $99 on the Glasses USA website, you can also quite often obtain 50% off voucher codes as a first time customer.
Meaning you can get some perfectly reasonable prices for such well made frames.
The only thing you need to ensure is that you have your up to date prescription and PD number (which is your pupillary distance). Even though the website is based overseas, I managed to receive my glasses within 2 weeks from ordering, which isn’t too bad when you consider how much money you will potentially save.
Glasses USA also have an interactive feature, where you can try the glasses on by uploading your own picture. Which is pretty snazzy if you ask me!
Take a look by clicking here