Food Blog: Eating Locally at RAWR Hanley, Stoke on Trent

It’s not very often that I feature local places to eat.
I mean, Stoke on Trent can be quite lackluster when it comes to exciting, independent and well, more modern places to dine.
Don’t get me wrong, the recent additions to the Cultural Quarter such as KLAY, tsp. and RAWR have certainly been welcome and Berts in Newcastle is the best pancakes and bacon in the world. But before that we kind of just had Frankie and Benny’s or Wetherspoons as brunching options.

RAWR, Hanley

RAWR has been thriving in its original home in Newcastle Under Lyme since 2015 and due to the success there, it has now branched in to Hanley and is in the process of opening up in Trentham Gardens. Specialising in healthy plant based foods, you can also enjoy a sneaky cocktail or two in the evening as well.
The breakfast/brunch menu consists of a range of beautifully prepared and presented items. From simple sourdough toast all the way through to the delicious smoothie bowls.

I almost felt proud of being from Stoke when I shared the menu with a few pals to encourage them to come to the city….
I think that certainly shows, for me, how much the Stoke on Trent food scene has actually moved on when I invite friends from other cities to come all the way here for some food.
Thankfully, Tereza took up the opportunity, and after luring her in with the promise of a clutter-free Primark, we ventured to RAWR as a little post-Leeds Festival healthy treat for myself. 
Of course, a smoothie bowl was just what the doctor ordered. Alongside a Tumeric based ‘Flu Slayer’ tea to wash it down.

But my new found RAWR obsession hasn’t ended at the Smoothie Bowl.

I went back again a few days later, using the fact my friend has recently decided they’re a vegetarian as an excuse.
This time I went for my new favourite drink – the Espresso Tonic. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a glass of tonic water with espresso poured over. Honestly, it’s so bitter and delicious I love it. In fact, I even created a gin and espresso tonic cocktail at home because I love it so much.

RAWR Hanley

To go with my espresso tonic, I went for some thick sourdough toast, slathered in marmite, topped with halloumi. A combination I wouldn’t have thought to try before, but now I have I’ve been craving it ever since.
My newly-veggie friend went for the Ariba Ariba Toast which had smashed, spicy avocado smeared on sourdough and upgraded from the menu with a poached egg.
RAWR Hanley
Now prices at RAWR aren’t what us Stokies are used to and some might deem it a little expensive. Especially for brunch. Whereas I find it reasonable (with the above dishes costing around £7 each), I know that it’s still a treat. It’s totally worth it though.
You walk away feeling healthy and not over stuffed like you would with a £5 full English breakfast. 
Not to mention that extensive drinks menu, which you would never find within a 35 mile radius of Stoke on Trent.
You can check out the full menu online here.

With Stoke on Trent putting in the bid for UK City of Culture, I hope this is just the beginning of the amazing independent eateries and establishments to come….