Guest Post: Top 5 Ways to Re-Purpose Old Fashioned Furniture

As I’m in the process of buying my own home at the moment, I am becoming obsessed with the endless possibilities of decorating it! However, due to the cost of legal fees and the mortgage itself, I’m on a tight, tight budget. With this in mind, I am constantly looking for hints, tips and ways to upcycle old furniture.

I recently picked up an old  phone table off a Facebook group, that I revamped with some chalk paint, a staple gun and a fleecy babies blanket! I’m really impressed that I managed to make something so brown and grim, in to something a little more contemporary.

With the above in mind, I’ve handed the blog over to Rattan Direct today, to provide a guest post with some hints and tips to upcycling some other pieces within your home.

Make a real statement with your home by creating something beautiful and unique by re-purposing old furniture. Old fashioned furniture, whether it is conservatory furniture or living room furniture, has an endless potential for re-purposing.

When it comes to having a statement piece in your room, many people find that buying new is the only way to deliver the desired effect, something that couldn’t be further from the truth. Old fashioned furniture has character in abundance, from unique little detailing, to the dents and scratches. Each characteristic can be worked with to make a new piece of furniture that is different to anything else on the market.

Not only is re-purposing cost-effective, but it guarantees that each new piece is unique to you, proudly displaying your tastes and creativity for everyone to see. For some excellent ideas and inspiration to get you started, we have put together our top 5 ways to re-purpose old fashioned furniture.

Make a Statement with Your Shelves

Shelves are generally a household staple, but often they are over-looked despite having so much potential. As a go-to solution for storing books or ornaments that you want to display in your room, much of the wow factor of your belongings can be lost when they are stored on a standard shelf. From your old wooden garden ladders which can be sanded down and given a lick of paint, to metal pipes, and even the legs from old fashioned wooden stools, almost any old piece of furniture can be used to make a bespoke set of shelves.

Reflect Your Tastes in Your Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic way to add depth to a room, making it feel a bigger, and brighter. Designing a new mirror frame is one of the easiest ways to re-purpose old furniture and ensure that the size and design of your mirror fits your needs. The re-purposing can go both ways, with old fashioned mirrors being brought up-to date with a new frame or old picture frames making for the perfect way to customise new mirrors. You can even take pieces of used wood which are still in good condition to create a tasteful frame. Spray paints can bring them to the colour scheme of your room quickly and effectively.

Relax in Luxury with New Chairs

There are countless ways to re-purpose old chairs, changing the design, colour, and even the function. Opting to re-upholster a chair is one of the simplest ways to transform the look and add back some of the comfort with a new fabric for the seats. Combined with a lick of paint on metal or wooden chairs, the style will be given a new lease on life to fit in with the other furniture in your room. Bedside tables, stools, and smaller cabinets can also be transformed with a cushion fixed to the top in a fabric style of your choice, making a unique chair or bench to add some extra comfort to your rooms.

Up Your Storage Game with a New Cabinet

Storage cabinets can be one of the blandest additions to a room, but for families they are an essential. Old furniture can be re-purposed to make storage spaces that are fun, unique, and eye-catching, all with a little creativity. From stacking old suitcases and tying them together with a leather belt, to customising long-forgotten dressers, vanity units, or chests with a new coat of paint to highlight the details, your storage space doesn’t have to be an eye-sore.

Get Creative with Your Desk

If you work from home then it is likely that you spend a lot of time at your desk, making it the perfect place to start getting creative. Any flat surface can be re-purposed into a functional yet stylish desk that will make each day at work a little more enjoyable. Old cabinets make ideal desks, with plenty of storage space, and a lot of charisma. If you want to get even more creative then classic wooden doors, kitchen worktops, or even coffee tables can be re-modelled and brought up to date with new legs, and a splash of paint or varnish.

Rattan Direct are experts when it comes to designing beautiful garden furniture to fit any style of home. Visit the website for more details.