Collaboration: How to Keep Your Jeans That Perfect Black (Even with a cat…)

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’ve had a complete love/hate relationship with black jeans.

The perfect fit, the perfect levels of comfort, yet the black ones are notorious for developing a distinct grey hue after a few washes.

Having two cats who like to shed their fur a little more than the average feline, also adds to my woeful tales of black jean despair…

A wise woman once claimed that ‘everything looks better with a layer of cat hair’ – but I must admit, this particular style does grow tedious at times.

So how do you keep your jeans black, even with a cat?

Step 1: Remove all the hairs you can before they hit the washing machine.

Sometimes a lint roller will do, but other times you need to go a bit harder. Especially when they’re being particularly cuddly (which is always on the days you decide to wear black clothing funnily enough).

To get the ultimate hair removal, I have found that a pair of washing up gloves, wet sightly, is the perfect solution. Simply don your marigolds and rub your jean legs whilst you’re still wearing them.

This drags all the stuck in fur up and you can find yourself fluff free in a matter of minutes. Another way to optimise this solution is by doing it in a fur-free location, like the bathroom.

Step 2: Use a washing up liquid MADE for black clothing.

Surf have released a formula especially for black clothing. Which is great for us goths.

It’s unrivalled when it comes to using your regular powder detergents and not only keeps the saturation of your dark shades for longer but smells really great too.

I usually find that black jeans can fade as soon as 4 washes in. But after comparison washes as shown by their test image below, you can see that Surf Perfect Black Liquid withholds the colour for up to 20 washes (middle) and the comparison washing 20 times with a powder detergent (bottom),
These jeans are currently on wash 6 and still going strong….
Step 3: Turn your clothing inside out & keep your cool.

By turning your jeans, tops and other dark garments inside out, you will find that this little touch goes a long way to keeping those colours dark for longer.

You will also find that washing in cooler water helps as well. As most laundry detergents manage to remove dirt and grime on low temperatures now, you’re also going to be more environmentally friendly with this small touch!

Step 4: Throw some balls in!

Lint balls are AMAZING if you can’t remove all the cat fur before a wash.

You just throw them into the drum during the wash and they act like little velcro style magnets for fur. You can pick them up on eBay for only a few quid – but don’t use them with wool or knitted items as they might just cling on and bobble things like that. Denim and more robust materials are fine though.

What tips do you have for keeping your black jeans black…. Even with a cat?

Will you take the #SurfPerfectBlack Challenge? If you want to give Surf Perfect Black a try you can purchase it online through this link or pick it up in your weekly shop at most Tesco Asda and Sainsbury’s.