Lifestyle Blog: An Alternative Night Out at Gala Bingo

When it comes to nights out, I am guilty of being a creature of habit.

Pre-drinks before we go, before we head off to the same bars then penultimately the same club to end the evening.
Needless to say, this always ends in the same way, the morning after the night before – with a stonking great all-day hangover.
Recently, we have been mixing up our regular evenings out, with our new found hidden treasure… BINGO.
I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner. Gone are the days when the Bingo was just for those who had a fashionable blue rinse. Nowadays there’s always a good mix of old, young and all ages and groups in between; making it a brilliant, inclusive way to start a night out.

Why is Bingo such a great alternative night out though? Well, let me just tell you the key selling points:

 ✔It’s incredibly affordable –  We’re talking £6ish for 3 gin and lemonades here, alongside £5ish for main meals. I don’t know about you, but eating a big meal whilst starting a drinking session certainly goes a LONG way towards the hangover avoidance.

 ✔There’s a chance you’ll walk out with more money than when you went in – On my last visit to Gala Bingo in Hanley, I actually won £50. My mum won £30 and my Aunty won £10! Of course, you don’t win every time, but that’s kind of part of the excitement.

 ✔It’s fun!! –  I’ve been many times and each time it’s a fun way to start a night out.  As I’ve mentioned, there is such a mix of people that you don’t feel out of place or on edge (like you can do when you start off in a new bar you’ve never been to before). No one is judging your outfit and everyone is there just to play the game and have some drinks/food.

Gala Bingo in Hanley’s New Night!

I was recently invited to Gala Bingo to give their new games a go – and being a loyal bingo fan I was there in a flash!

With a token Flamingo as the mascot for their new structure, the new games take the traditional 11-page game and give you 14 instead; meaning there are extra chances to win.

Prizes are not only monetary, but there is a range of bigger, better items up for grabs! From jackpots of up to £20,000 and BMW cars,  the new games give members the ultimate control over their bingo experience!

So if you’re after an affordable night out with a difference, give Gala Bingo a go! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!